Thursday, June 30, 2011

What a difference in price of Panama Gandhi stamp. What a Price decline in a very short time.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Why we are seeing steep difference in Gandhi Philately. Following is one example of Panama 1971 Gandhi stamp.

On 6/28/11 Panama Gandhi stamp was sold for 71.

On 6/8/11 similar stamp was sold for $137.

So now I am not sure what is the Right Value of this stamp. Is it 71 or 137?

But I will only buy this when it is selling for cheap i.e. about 15-20$, but still it will be very high price for artificially increased  price by getting all stamps from the market in 1971 from a very small country and we all are chasing for this or getting trapped or fooled. It's up to us to decide!!

I think price will go down one day, when original accumulator (not collector) will don't have control of it. Same way we are seeing this in Nicaragua Gandhi & TajMahal Stamp sheet, Overprint Gandhi stamps from Cameroon, Nicaragua, Togo etc.

Ketankumar Patel
(My Son's Blog:

Expensive USA Gandhi stamp Cover. T547 Space X-15 Rocket Plane Cover White Signed 4-21-61

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

One of the expensive cover with Gandhi Stamps was sold on ebay. Check it out.

Buyer: SRM2382
Price : $67
Seller: 3curls1wave

The North American X-15 rocket-powered aircraft/spaceplane was part of the X-series of experimental aircraft, initiated with the Bell X-1, that were made for the USAAF/USAF, NACA/NASA, and the USN. 

The X-15 set speed and altitude records in the early 1960s, reaching the edge of outer space and returning with valuable data used in aircraft and spacecraft design. As of 2011, it holds the official world record for the fastest speed ever reached by a manned rocket-powered aircraft.

During the X-15 program, 13 of the flights (by eight pilots) met the USAF spaceflight criteria by exceeding the altitude of 50 miles (80 km) thus qualifying the pilots for astronaut status. The USAF pilots qualified for USAF astronaut wings, while the civilian pilots were later awarded NASA astronaut wings.

Of all the X-15 missions, two flights (by the same pilot) qualified as space flights per the international (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) definition of a spaceflight by exceeding 100 kilometres (62.1 mi, 328,084 ft) in altitude.

According to me this is unique cover for space philatelist because of signature of some space person.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

1948 Gandhi FDC from India with all 4 stamp including 10 Rupees sold for $2045

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

As I mentioned in my previous blog post that I am going to make a reference guide for 1948 India FDC with Mahatma Gandhi 10 Rupees stamp so we all have some kind of resource to look back.

Seller: surlamer07
Buyer: ureddypp11
Date of Sale: 06/21/2011
Sold for : $2045

This is one of the expensive Gandhi FDC and also one of the rare as it has all 1948 Gandhi 4 stamps including  10 Rupees which was expensive in 1948. Very good return on investment from 11-12 Rupees to 75000 Rupees in 65 years. You can still find this FDC mainly from foreign dealer who invested heavily in 1948 as they were only one who can afford it in 1948.

Not sure it will appreciate at this rate but time will tell. Also not sure whether this is correct value for this FDC.

My previous blog posts for 1948 FDC are

I hope this reference will help in future to seller to check what will be his/her selling price, for buyers what price to pay,  when item  is again for resale, study material for philatelist or for any other purpose.

Do you think $2045 is a right price or good value for this FDC ?


BTW: I don't have Gandhi 1948 FDC with all 4 stamps or  don't want to buy it at this price.!! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You decide what's going on in Gandhi Philately.!! Egypt 1969 Gandhi FDC sold under $2 !!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

You decide what's going on in Gandhi Philately after looking following screen shot. 1969 Egypt Gandhi FDC was sold for $1.58. 

This is very nice stamp with Emblem of India as well as Emblem of UAR (United Arab Republic). Also you can consider this as error stamp because spelling of Gandhi is misspelled as "Ghandi".  Can you believe this.

Seller: "Smeagle" from UK.
Price: $1.58 (0.99 GBP)
Buyer: "speedbird1*"
Date: April 10, 2011.

I am not sure why such a low price even after 40+ years. Also this was in auction and only one buyer for this. Is it not amazing.!! 

Do you know why such a low price.?

I know why but I will let you decide what's going on in Gandhi Philately.!!


BTW: But when you want to buy this you will not able to buy it at this price. This is Mystery.!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Gandhi Philately 100th Blog post.!! What is Gandhi Stamp Value ? Does it make sense to Invest in Gandhi stamps.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

This is 100th blog posts on Gandhi Philately Study Circle Blog since started  in Feb 2009 by Maulik Thakkar. I think this is one of the unique Blog mainly focused only on Mahatma Gandhi  thematic collection.

This Thematic Blog present research on wide varieties of Gandhi Stamps, FDC, FFC, Used Covers, Unique Philatelic Material, Pictorial Cancellation, Unique Cancellation, FAKE philatelic cancellation, Forgery of Philatelic items,  Events Covers, Shill Bidding, etc associated with Mahatma Gandhi.

We  hope that this blog posts are helping all of you to make decision what to collect,  how to avoid certain stamps, covers, FFC, FDC,  Sellers, some unique Gandhi Philatelic items, FAKE Gandhi Cancellation, Possible Forgery of Gandhi Philatelic materials etc. by sharing our experience. 

Also this blog will be a good reference material for future Mahatma Gandhi collectors who will aware of all kind of activities in Gandhi Collection before they start. By reading this they will encourage to collect Mahatma Gandhi Philatelic items and they all can proudly collect and spread the message of a Great Soul.(Mahatma).

Now let's research about Gandhi Stamp Value.

I know you all might have following Gandhi stamps in your collection but this is blog post is for future new Gandhi collectors.

Above 12 stamps are very colorful from 9 different countries which are Brazil, Hungary, Chile, Tanzania, Guyana, Senegal , Morocco, Nevis & Ireland. Most of this stamps were issued in 1969 which is almost 40+ years.

But all this stamps were UNSOLD for $12 and now it for resale again at $13.!!!   Look at following screen shot of this Gandhi stamp value and it's amazing that same stamps are sold by 2 different sellers.!!

As I mentioned before that you can find MNH Gandhi Stamps any time as there are NO RARE stamps. It is made RARE by certain dealers who try to profit out of it.

So who ever bought this stamps 40 years ago and preserve this very nicely in album can't sell for $12 from 9 different countries.

 In past we saw GANDHI DU CAMEROUN 2 STAMP 1969  sold for $2-3,  Gandhi SOMALIA 3 STAMPS 1969 sold for $3-4  and GANDHI SYRIAN TWO STAMPS 1969 sold for $1-2.

As I mentioned in my previous blog posts that Gandhi stamps are not for Investment. Now it's up to you to think whether Gandhi stamps make sense for Investment.!!!

You can also read my another blog post about Mahatma Gandhi Stamp - Is it for Investment ?

I know by writing this kind of information I am decreasing my own collection value, but it's OK to let other's new emerging  collectors what is True value of Gandhi  Stamp Collection instead of just using other technique to increase the prices.!!

Another example of same philatelic material sold by 2 different id.  Sellers are "sanu108" and "405940"

Following 3 covers from Suriname, Zambia and Costa Rica were on auction by 2 different sellers.!!!

Also Covers from Zambia and Costa Rica needs more research because CDS is unclear and not sure about postage rates at that time. So stay away from any Gandhi USED covers as it's a big scam going on.!!!

But looking all screen shot it looks like all  3 sellers id's is from same ebay seller.!!

"10saki88" , "sanu108" and  "405940" .!!

And might be more.!! 

I hope you got my point.

Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Unbelievable Price of Gandhi Khadi Stamp Sheet and Folder - Presentation Pack issued during 2011 Indipex

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Last week one of the most hyped 2011 Gandhi Stamp sheet  was sold under $3.!! This price is below face value of 250 Rupees ($5.50). Can't Believe it. 40% price decline in 5 months only.

But according to me this is the REAL price of this stamp sheet as it was auction at starting price for under $1 instead of fixed price which start some were from $7 - 20 or more.

The stamp is unique as it is  printed on “Khadi”, the handspun cotton material that Mahatma Gandhi held as the symbol of self determination and self reliance.The Khadi Stamp  is sold only in  Presentation Pack  which is priced Rs. 250 ($5.50).

Now after looking above screen shot you will get surprised by the price of this sheet and  folder sold for on $2.96 in auction.!! I think it's will worth to wait and watch  before we all buy any Gandhi stamps or FDC as they will be available all the time. It will be not unique as MNH stamps will be available all the time.

And don't except it will go up like 10 Rupees 1948 Gandhi stamps as there were not that many collectors in 1948 and also 10 Rupees was a very very big amount in 1948 for all Indian so only people who has this stamp was foreign collectors who are gaining benefit of this 1948 10 rupees stamp!!. So don't think that this will have similiar effect in future for this Khadi stamp.

Only 4 bids were on this unique stamp sheet even though it is made on Khadi Cloth, it is Odd Shaped(square/diamond), limited quantity(100,000) etc. Also not sure whether Shill Bidding took price to $2.96.!!

Read my blog post about Gandhi Shill Bidding.

Not sure why such a low price of this item & I am confused what is right price of this stamp sheet and also other Gandhi stamps and stamp sheets.

If you want to know more about Gandhi Khadi 2011 stamps then please read following blog posts.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Possible FAKE postmark cancellation from Mauritius on Mahatma Gandhi 2001 FDC.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

On October 2, 2001 Mauritius issued Mahatma Gandhi stamp to celebrate 100th Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi visit to Mauritius in 1901.

Now look at that FDC and you will see 2001 stamp(Rs 15)   as well as 1969 stamp(Rs 1) on the FDC.

2001 stamp was cancelled by Mauritius Post with special FDC cancellation, but 1969 stamp was cancelled with regular Mauritius Post cancellation. By doing this creator of this cover is making a unique FDC.

Yes this is Unique but to me it looks like FAKE.

Postmark Cancellation on 1969 stamp with date looks like possible Forgery or FAKE. Reason for my assumption for FAKE is that this cancellation is different than other issued by Mauritius Post.

If you look at above cancellation then TIME ( XX:XX AM/PM )  is missing on that cancellation. Also look at the sharpness of the cancellation as if it is used on very few.!!

Not sure why TIME is missing.?

Look at following other cancellation  issued by Mauritius Post and they all have Time mentioned in it. Also one of them is REGISTER cancel which also has time.

I think all Mauritius Cancellation selling by  2-3 particular seller looks forgery. I think this is just plain example of buying a stamp and put it on paper or any FDC or cover and selling it a unique FDC or Register Stamp on paper and make more money.

Just postmark lot of stamps on cover or paper and start selling so no one will notice which one is real or fake.!! I see lot of this on very beautiful stamps of fish, trees, plants etc  from Mauritius. So AVOID it if possible instead of just getting trap in this kind of activities.

According to me we need to be aware of all Mauritius Gandhi Register cover with 1969 stamps and  MS, FDC,  1969 Miniature Sheet, register used stamps etc.

It's very easy to make this kind of cancellation so BEWARE on all other cancellation on USED covers from any countries!!! It's very hard to find a Genuine cancellation.!!

I also think there might be possible FAKE cancellation on other countries also. So Beware before you buy. Don't just buy it if it looks unique.!!

One example of  FAKE philatelic material is Germany Gandhi Cancellation issued on October 2nd 2009. Click following link to read it.

Don't know why FAKE on October 2nd.!!

If you have any proof that this is real then please let us know and we can confirm with you  and let everyone know that this is indeed real cancellation.

Now what do you think about this cancellation.?  Please let us know your opinion.

Other blog posts about Mauritius Gandhi Stamp Sheet Cover.
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2) Price Decline of Mauritius FDC.

This is how stamp printers and stamp dealers prosper!!

When it comes to UNIQUE  or RARE stamps or cover or usage then make sure about it.!!!

Otherwise it will be your UNIQUE purchase (valueless)!!

If you like this blog post then please check out our other blog post related to some other FAKE Gandhi Philatelic material. (It's interesting to read all 7 blog post, so please read.!)

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1969 issues :

After reading above blog post don't you think similar pattern for making FDC or Max Card in Gandhi Philately.!! (It's a whole new topical Philately !! FAKE Gandhi thematic collection.!!)

Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What is right Price of Indipex 2011 Mahatma Gandhi Khadi ( Presentation Pack) Miniature Sheet MS + Souvenir folder of ODD shaped stamp on cotton cloth like Kite shape.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently I saw Indipex 2011  Mahatma Gandhi Miniature Sheet + Souvenir Folder selling for 333 rupees i.e  $7-8 dollars. I can't believe this price for this ODD shaped stamp like Kite selling for $7.!!

Actually this is not a ODD shaped or not a Kite shape stamp, it is just square/diamond shape stamp on Miniature Sheet on Khadi cloth. It is a way of marketing this stamp to ODD thematic collectors.!! Also NO FDC was issued officially by India Post.

Following are 2 screenshot from ebay from which you can see what is the real price of this Mahatma Gandhi Indipex 2011 Miniature Sheet + Souvenir folder. It was sold for 7-8 dollars only.!!

Can't believe this that a very special stamp printed on cloth(first time in India) similiar to what Mahatma Gandhi used to make for himself by using spinning wheel is selling for $7-8  i.e. only 1-2$ above face value

Another thing I notice that this sheet don't have "EMBLEM OF INDIA" even though this is officially printed by Indian Government where as you will see this in common from other countries who printed Mahatma Gandhi stamp with Emblem of India because they want to sell there stamps.!!

I think this Miniature Sheet + Souvenir Folder will not demand premium for long time because of Indian Post (Government of India) handle this correctly. I think this time Indian Post Office became smarter by following way

1) Limiting only 10 per collectors/dealers. Still many got away with 100-500 or more by different address or by other ways but still many collectors/dealers have it in stock who have 10-20 so there will be future sale of this stamp sheet or folder as they will not see worth keeping it for ever to see huge return.

2) Another thing India Post did good thing is keeping price of 250 Rupees ($5.50) for Presentation Folder. Stamp value is 100 Rupees ($2.20) but you cannot buy it without Presentation Folder!!. Because of this collectors and dealers have limit to invest in one stamp. If price was 10-25 Rupees (20-50 cents) then collectors and dealers will accumulate lot because of low investment, all collectors around the world will have to pay high price for this item.

I know lot of collectors and dealers don't like this 250 rupees price tag but I think it is good for this hobby by keeping face value higher and limiting quantity to collector or dealers.

And because of this 2 reason, I think it will not appreciate very high for next 15-20 years or more as there will be enough for every Gandhi collectors as One hundred thousand was printed and I don't think there are 100K Gandhi Collectors!!!

Quantity mentioned above is incorrect. It is not 0.01 million but it is 0.1 million i.e 100,000 (hundred thousand) so this is NOT LIMITED quantity or RARE.

So enjoy this very beautiful Presentation Pack which include Miniature Sheet and Souvenir folder.

Also if you don't have this then wait and watch the price and buy it when you think Price is Right.  You might get it at face value as there will be no buyer when everyone will already have stock. If you don't want to wait then don't pay more than 7-8 dollars for this as there is enough for everyone.

If you want to know more about Gandhi Khadi 2011 stamps then please read following blog posts.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

1970 Hannover Messe Inauguration MaxCard with Germany 1969 Mahatma Gandhi stamp and special cancellation

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Thanks to my friend Jens Oetling in Germany for making this possible.

Recently my philatelist friend from  Germany send me 2 Maxcard with 1969 Mahatma Gandhi stamp on Hannover Messe card with special cancellation of  "Hannover  Messegelände " means Hannover Fairground issued on 25-4-70.

Looks like this Maxcard and Special Cancellation was issued to celebrate opening of  Hannover fair in 1970. The Hanover fairground is an exhibition area in the Mittelfeld district of Hanover, Germany. Featuring 496,000 m²  of covered indoor space, 58,000 m² of open-air space, 27 halls and pavilions and a convention centre with 35 function rooms, it is the largest exhibition ground in the world.

In 1970 Hall 1 was opened, then the largest exhibition hall in the world. It becomes permanent home to CeBIT, a subdivision of the Hanover Industry Fair.

Let me know what do you think about this Maxcard.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Mahatma Gandhi Stamp - Is it for Investment ?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Want to know value of Mahatma Gandhi stamp then check out following screenshot. Also you can see it's not  in great demand as barely there are 1 or 2 bids and some of them were not even sold.!!

So it looks like Gandhi Stamps are not for INVESTMENT because after 40 years price of stamps is not increased at all or there is no buyer of this stamps!! So again if you are thinking for Investment in Gandhi Stamps then this is not a place to be.

Upper Volta - $0.99
Hungary - Magyar Posta - $0.99 (UNSOLD)
Germany - $0.99 (UNSOLD)
Cyprus (Se-Tenant) - $0.99 (UNSOLD)
Chile - $0.99
Brazil - $0.99

I hope this will help to new Mahatma Gandhi collectors what price they need to pay for Gandhi Stamps. I think you can get still cheaper as  (US site) don't allow to list below $0.99.

As I mentioned before that you can find stamps easily within 1-2$.  There is enough for everyone so don't  need to rush to add in your collection  within 2-3 months of starting this.  People will try to increase price of some stamps so don't get in to that as they are not super rich to get it all and even if they get it let it keep it with them for this kind of stamps from Cameroun, Yemen, Somalia, Syria and all Gandhi overprints stamps.

Also don't try to buy it in a lot to save shipping. That is one of the reason you will get cheated.!!

Can't Believe this price.!! Also Can't believe that out of 4 stamps UNSOLD 3 were issued in 1969. Also in my previous blog post about  Unbelivable price of Germany Gandhi stamp was sold for $7.50.!!!  So not sure what going on in Gandhi Philately world.!!!

In short I think Mahatma Gandhi stamp is not for Investment.

Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

1971 Panama Mahatma Gandhi Stamp c384 was sold for $137. Is it real value of Mahatma Gandhi stamp?

Hello Gandhi Collector,

Last week 1971 Panama Gandhi MNH c384 stamp was sold for $137.!! What a return on investment on 10 Panama Cents in 40 years in  US dollars. 

I think this is best ROI on Gandhi stamps except 1948 India Mahatma Gandhi 10 Rupees Service(only 100 stamps printed) which does not count as it was not for general public postage stamp or available for collectors or dealers as it was only available or made to use  by 1 person and that person was 1st Governor General of India.

This particular stamp is kind of rare (in someone's closet!!) and it demands premium but this was sold for double the amount I saw in last 2 years. Generally it sells somewhere from 60-80$  on and it will resell it on ebay India.

Again it's is upto collector how much they want to pay. So it is on collector's hand about valuation of this stamp. I don't have MNH stamp and never want to buy this even if someone is selling cheap because I don't want to support this kind of business. I have used stamp for which I paid 10-15$ only which I bought it 2 years ago.

Now let see do some research

Date Sold: Jun 08 2011
Seller : docnik(10606 feedback) from USA
Buyer: airpostman(528 feedback) from USA and ebay member since 1998. 

Now if you see airpostman last 30 days bidding, then you will notice that he bidded on 40 items and out of that 76% are with this seller.

Also look at airpostman   feedback of 2011. Click following link to see Feedback of airpostman

Even in 2009/2010 he was active buyer from same seller (docnik). Check it out.

After looking all this screen shot and looking at URL, what do you think about this stamp price.? Is it Reasonable or High or Artificially Inflated.?? 

Also you can read blog post about Gandhi Shill Bidding for help if you cannot decide what's going on.

Please make sure to  read link inside that blog post.

Again thanks for reading this blog post and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gandhi Balloon Card

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Earlier last year in Delhi, I collaborated with the Ballooning Club of India to bring out a set of 50 Special Cards commemorating the India International Balloon Mela held at Rajghat, Delhi during November 2010.

You can find the details here:

As you can see, I have tried to bring in as many connections to Gandhiji through the card, right from the stamps used to the place of cancellation. The cards have also been signed by the pilot of the flight.

Hope you find this card interesting.


Nikhil Mundra

11th June 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mahatma Gandhi Rare Stamp Sheet is not RARE any more.!! 1979 Nicaragua Mahatma Gandhi Stamp and Albert Einstein stamp with background of Taj Mahal.

Hello Mahatma Gandhi Collectors,

In 1979 Nicaragua issued souvenir sheet of 2 stamps of Mahatma Gandhi and  Elbert Einstein with background of Taj Mahal and other stamp of Einstein.

This Souvenir sheet was withdrawn within couple of days because designer/proof reader/printer and other official made error by mistake or by purpose.!!  If you see on stamp sheet year is mentioned as 1980 so this was one of the reason  they withdrew from market.

Not sure why 30+ years ago a small country wants to print this kind of souvenir sheet.!!

Because of this withdraw, this sheet was one time very very RARE. Only 5 known issue were exist in the world  from 1979- 2008. But since I started collection  almost 3 years ago I have seen more than 40-50 for sale on ebay and  price is going down of this sheet like a hell. Initially dealer who bought this at very high price started to average it out but they also got tired.!!

I bought this some where around 35-40$ and now it is going for $13.!!

As you can see from above screen shot that on same date (June 05, 2011) 2 sheets were sold. One from Latvia and other from Germany. One was sold for $13 and other was for $31. What a difference.!!! Don't know why but this need to be researched.

Also not sure how many were printed but looks like 10000+  as we can see the # on the sheet. If you have higher # of this souvenir sheet than let us know so we can find out.!!

Reason for this drop is that this sheet is coming out from closet to market after original visionary collector of this sheet collector died and his relatives are selling it slowly. My guess is also this visionary collector had overprint stamp from Nicaragua with other Einstein stamp series.(8-10 stamps) as this 2 seller sell this stamps as well as this souvenir sheet. Click following link to readmy other blog post about Gandhi Overprint stamps.

Currently this 8-10 stamps and this souvenir sheet is holding value because of Mahatma Gandhi as it looks like  no new collector is interested in Einstein. This is my observation as Einstein stamp value is very low on ebay and delcampe. Also this overprint stamp looks like made intensely to make money so I think before buying.

So if you are new in Mahatma Gandhi collection just don't buy blindly. Think about this and jump. This stamp souvenir sheet is not any more RARE so think twice before you add in your collection.

Update : 12/27/11

Recently this miniature sheet sold under $11.!! I think within 6-8 months this will be selling under $1 if there is no shill bidding.!!

This stamps are mainly selling from former USSR countries.

Do you think stamps are still for investment.?

Want to know more about other FAKE Gandhi Stamps Philatelic Materials then please check out our other blog post (There are more blog posts but 8 are more interesting to read, so please read.!)

Maldives :
Germany :
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Mauritius :
1969 issues :
Nicaragua :

After reading above blog post don't you think similar pattern for making FDC or Max Card in Gandhi Philately.!! (It's a whole new topical Philately !! FAKE Gandhi thematic collection.!!)

Don't you think that is there any Genuine GANDHI philatelic material ever issued.!!! Most of the Gandhi stamps were issued in 1969 and during that time there were very less collectors so it is not enough for current needs of collectors.

Also I think because of recent popularity of Gandhi stamps there is a huge demand of it  so dealers and resellers (even printers) are trying to take benefit by issuing FAKE and Forgery material of some never issued stamps, FDC or Used Covers including Register Covers so Beware before you enter in to Gandhi Philately collection.!!

Again thanks for reading this blog post and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Unique cover from Great Britain with Mahatma Gandhi Stamp and 1971 Special Cancellation of British Philatelic Exhibition in London

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Following is a very unique cover with Great Britain 1969 Mahatma Gandhi Stamp and Special Cancellation of India Study Circle issued during 1971 British Philatelic Exhibition in London from November 3-6, 1971.

On above cover Mahatma Gandhi stamp from Great Britain is used and it is a valid postage stamp before decimal system was introduce in 1972.

After looking other special cancellation issued during BPE in 1971 as well as other years I don't think  that this is FAKE special Cancellation or just Rubber Stamp with Mahatma Gandhi Photo like we saw in 2009/2010 or any forgery like 1969 possible forgery.

The creator of this cover did excellent job by using Mahatma Gandhi stamp on this Special cancellation with India Study Circle and which make sense also.  Think Different.!!

Want to see more cover, special cancellation issued during  BPE then click following link.

After looking  at above link, all  cover cachet and special cancellation were matching for all 4 days.!! I don't think I don't need to do research for this cancellation like I use to do for some suspicious cancellation.

Let us know what do you think.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What do you think about this auction of India 1948 Gandhi Stamp 10 Rupees

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

 You all know that I am fan of saving screen shot of Gandhi Philatelic item sold on Ebay (more than 1500 so far in my collection!!).

Let's see how Gandhi 1948 India 10 Rs. stamp is sold 2 years ago. This screen shot helps me lot in collecting Gandhi Philately so I thought let me share with all of you. In order to understand this you need to read my 10-15 blog posts so you will know what I am talking about.

========================First Auction=================
Auction ends:- Feb 19 2009.
Seller:- bpp14
Buyer:- 3***n (898) ("manali283")
Price Sold :- 116.50 US $
Other bidders:- o***o(335) and  k***_(826)

=====================END 1st Auction =====================

Now let's see how 2nd auction Gandhi 1948 India 10 Rs. stamp is sold :-

==================== Auction 2nd =======================

Auction ends:- Jan 20 2009.
Seller:- theobargain
Buyer:- kad_ss(826)
Price Sold :- 107 US $ (77 GBP)
Other bidders:- UK listing so cannot see. But there were total 4 bidders.

================= 2nd Auction Ends ====================================

If you don't understand what I am trying to explain here then please let me know. Only thing here is to see who is SELLER and BUYER.!!

Also would you like to see more of this screen shot about pricing and buyer and seller?

So what do you think about this.?

Click to see 50th Anniversary
Special Cancellation

Monday, June 6, 2011

Shill Bidding on Mahatma Gandhi Stamps or Philatelic material. How price is increased on ebay.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently I was reading news and I was surprised that one of the ebay seller will faces 50000 pounds for shill bidding. Click following link to read news from BBC about Warning over eBay bidding trick (BBC) this fine to UK bidder for shill bidding.

This is not only in Gandhi stamps but you can be victim of this on any other item on ebay or any other auction site.
Also Shill Bidding is not a current issue. It is going for years not only on ebay but live famous auctions houses.!!

You will be surprised what to do with shill bidding and GANDHI Philately.!!

Shill bidding is bidding that artificially increases an item’s price or desirability. It’s also bidding by the people the seller knows—including self, family members, roommates, or employee—who could have certain information about the item that other members aren’t aware of.

What I notice:- I am studying since last 30 months about bidding on Gandhi stamps. As I mentioned before in my blog post about my 1 year experience in collecting Gandhi stamps that I am spending more time in bidding process than doing Gandhi Research so I want to share this with you.

In Gandhi Philately some of the sellers are doing shill bidding and after certain limit they stop bidding on it and wait for other bidders to bid on it. If no other bidder bid for that item than seller and shill bidder(self) will cancel transaction so they don't have to pay fees to ebay. Now seller will send a second offer to 2nd bidder and if that other buyer accept it than they will sell it to him/her by telling they have multiple copies otherwise they will list it again in future. By doing this they don't have to pay higher listing fee to ebay, also they can control the price they want or they can sell it to second bidder as second offer.

Look at your past second offer and you decide yourself and learn from that experience. 

I had seen that in Gandhi Panama stamp, Gandhi Croatia 2010 postcard & of course 1948 10 Rupees Gandhi stamp. Also this happens in all MNH Gandhi stamps sold from  China, Israel, Canada and others.

What do you think about this.? Please comment.

Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.
BTW:  Read this how to spot shill bidding.

After reading this blog post now it's your time to test  your knowledge about shill bidding. Look at the following link and you decide what is happening here.

1) ebay id indiephila is not active more than a year. What happens to all his collection!!!
2) only transaction with 3 sellers + 1 other seller. ( theobargain, asdaasdaasda(from china), kad_ss)
3) if you see my blog post about Mauritius Register cover you will see he is winner of one of the cover. Don't know why stop collecting or something else.!! Click this link to see blog post.
4) Again read and look at my other blog post and you will find something else.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

How price of Gandhi stamps or Philatelic materials are increased.!! Chile Mahatma Gandhi Stamp FFC related Football - Soccer World Cup 1974

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

I am surprised when I notice on ebay about price variation on recently sold  Chile 1974  "FFC Chile > Germany 1974 SOCCER-Sport-Gandhi, LH Expres Cvr"

Yesterday on June 4 above FDC was sold for $8.10 to "p***p (14)"and on April 10 it was sold for $3.80  to "r***3 (29)" and seller for both cover is "firstphila"

You will be thinking that's good ROI for buyer "r***3 (29)" who bought it at 3.80!! I think so.!!

But I notice the buyer who bought it for 3.80 was also second bidder (loser) on other one.

Looks like this second bidder "r***3 (29)" is new Gandhi collector from Surat (Rajesh Movaliya with id "srm2382" who is writing comments on this blog.!!

I am not sure why "r***3 (29)"  wants to buy it at higher price then he bought.!!.Also not sure why he wants to buy another one.!! as per him, he a new collector.  I will understand if he buys this cover if it is very cheap to trade or exchange with other collectors but by paying twice the amount which does not make sense.

But this is Gandhi Philately where some of the weirdess things are going on!!.

Also another buyer "p***p (14)" is new collector from Dubai and he also writes comments on this blog.  Not sure how many new collectors are joining Gandhi philately but this also surprise me.!!

Also 2 similar FFC were unsold on May 20 from UK seller "phil-centre" which were listed at "$29.45".!! and it is currently re-listed.!!

Let us know what do you think.!!


BTW : This is very interesting FFC for Gandhi collector. You can get more info about this FFC on blog post written by co-author of this blog Nikhil Mundra who is also owner of website. It's interesting to read about this FFC. Click following link to read his blog post.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mahatma Gandhi Stamp Value is on decline again - 1968 Cameroun Gandhi ( Cameroon Ghandi ) FDC

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

You all saw what is the price of Mahatma Gandhi 1968 FDC from Cameroun sold on Delcampe. It was sold for $91 which means that Gandhi Stamp/Philately PRICE IS ON DECLINE.

This is how it is sold in last 3 years.

4/26/2008 --- $294
3/09/2009 --- $266 ($150) (my purchase, how I was fooled.!!)
3/07/2010 --- $214
5/14/2010 --- $179
????          --- $120-150
1/28/2011 --- $112
5/31/2011 --- $91

I think this are still INFLATED price of Cameroun Gandhi FDC. ( Cameroon Ghandi FDC )
I think this is also on high because there are 2000 total (and not sure there are total 2000 Gandhi collectors who can afford this.) so my guess is next time it will go under $75-80. Let's see what happens in future when someone from France will sell this FDC.

Now if you see closely top 3 bidders then you will notice that these are dealers/reseller who already have 3-6 FDC or more  in their stock. Some of them bought very cheap from dealer/reseller from France and some even paid high price also so in order to keep the price up they are bidding on this item. They generally auction this FDC around $299-499.!!

This time if you see all 3 of them try to bid at last moment where as if you see previous bidding (look at my previous blog post about this) then they start bidding  initially to make price high. Click this link and you will find same bidders who are bidding on this also. This time they really want to buy this at cheap price.!! & want to sell it to us in future at higher price by offering same FDC with different id,  from different country etc.

Now it's up to all Mahatma Gandhi Collectors to decide how we can stop this or prevent this kind of activity. I leave it up to you to decide what you need to do.!! 

But we all know what  are Mahatma Gandhi's Principles  "Boycott" and "Passive Resistant" and we all can try his principles and let's see what happens to this FDC in future.!!

I think price will eventually fall for this 2000 FDC which will come out of closet from FRANCE, same way currently from Lativa or Germany we can see  Nicragua OVERPRINT stamp of Gandhi with Eistein series or Nicragua Gandhi with TajMahal. once certain collectors/dealers/reseller will buy it to average their buying price. But they still regret as more and more this stamps are coming in market as price of this Overprint stamps are coming down.

I still have mine which I bought it for $150. so I lost $60 in 2 years (40% + interest)!! If there was enough information like this blog I will never buy this.!! Just keep patience and you will get it cheap in next couple of years. It's just matter of time. You can still exhibit with other countries FDC and it's not a great point that you don't have this FDC.

Let us know what you think about this Mahatma Gandhi Cameroun FDC.