Sunday, June 26, 2011

Unbelievable Price of Gandhi Khadi Stamp Sheet and Folder - Presentation Pack issued during 2011 Indipex

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Last week one of the most hyped 2011 Gandhi Stamp sheet  was sold under $3.!! This price is below face value of 250 Rupees ($5.50). Can't Believe it. 40% price decline in 5 months only.

But according to me this is the REAL price of this stamp sheet as it was auction at starting price for under $1 instead of fixed price which start some were from $7 - 20 or more.

The stamp is unique as it is  printed on “Khadi”, the handspun cotton material that Mahatma Gandhi held as the symbol of self determination and self reliance.The Khadi Stamp  is sold only in  Presentation Pack  which is priced Rs. 250 ($5.50).

Now after looking above screen shot you will get surprised by the price of this sheet and  folder sold for on $2.96 in auction.!! I think it's will worth to wait and watch  before we all buy any Gandhi stamps or FDC as they will be available all the time. It will be not unique as MNH stamps will be available all the time.

And don't except it will go up like 10 Rupees 1948 Gandhi stamps as there were not that many collectors in 1948 and also 10 Rupees was a very very big amount in 1948 for all Indian so only people who has this stamp was foreign collectors who are gaining benefit of this 1948 10 rupees stamp!!. So don't think that this will have similiar effect in future for this Khadi stamp.

Only 4 bids were on this unique stamp sheet even though it is made on Khadi Cloth, it is Odd Shaped(square/diamond), limited quantity(100,000) etc. Also not sure whether Shill Bidding took price to $2.96.!!

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Not sure why such a low price of this item & I am confused what is right price of this stamp sheet and also other Gandhi stamps and stamp sheets.

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