Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gandhi Khadi Stamp Value 2011 Indipex MS with folder - 100 pieces for sale.!!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

As I mentioned in previous 3-4 blog posts about Gandhi Khadi  MS + folder, you all know what's going on with this stamp value and return on investment.

Now after looking to following screen shot I think my assumption about ROI is true. I think collectors/dealers will not able to hold on this stamp because of initial high value of 250 Rupees.($5.50). This is one example where 100 pieces are coming for sale around $8 but I think it is still very HIGH price. I think there will be lot of buyer who has more than 100 in their stock which they will have to sell because of huge amount is invested in this. 

Believe me you will get this at low price. No Rush or No creed and you will be OK. There was 100000 (one hundred thousand or one lakh) stamps + presentation folder printed by Indian Post. And I think it is enough for every collector who wants to buy it. According to me it is more than what collectors can consume this philatelic item. So don't think price will increase in next 20 years or more.!! 

(On side note how many collectors(more than 100000) need this khadi stamp folder. )

This means it is very good for all collectors who are not even collecting Gandhi stamps but  who wants this MS + presentation folder for their collection or to display in office or shop in a photo frame as a respect to Mahatma Gandhi.

I think we all still needs to wait and we will able to get it a face value or below face value. According to me fair value of this stamp will be less than $6. Also make sure you don't pay more than $2-3 Register shipping even from India other wise they will recover cost from shipping. Don't get into all that Rare, Limited quantity etc.

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What are your feelings about pricing of this MS + Presentation folder. Please share your thoughts in the Comments section.

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  1. i have one set of original 1980 salt sathyagrya and dandhi march stamp...want to sell...can i know its price