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My 9 Lessons Learned.!! - Gandhi Stamps Collectors and Philatelist needs to know my worst purchase!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

As you all know that I am writing about my experience of buying Gandhi philatelic material on ebay and delcampe so all Gandhi collectors (new or experienced) will not get cheated.

In Feb 2009 I bought some philatelic material from "dkkphila". Very interesting seller. As I was new in this collection I was not aware of pricing, quality etc needs to be collected. so this person made me fool.!!.

I learned from my mistake and I don't want new collectors as well others needs to through this kind of cheating. So I am sharing my experience with all of you.

Lesson # 1:- Don't buy from low feedback seller. (ebay id "dkkphila" has only 16 feedback!!).

Lesson # 2:- Don't buy multiple items from single seller initially in order to save on shipping.!!

Lesson # 3:- If possible do research on feedback. If you see after this Lesson section that "dkkphila" feedback you will be amazed how he is trying to fool all of us. Don't try to buy from greedy collectors who wants to sell their bad quality philatelic items.!!

Lesson #4 :- Don't buy Gandhi stamp for more than $1 or any FDC between $1-$5.  There are ENOUGH STAMPS AND FDC of Gandhi out there EXCEPT SOME. and that you need it in future after understanding thoroughly how Gandhi Philately works. i.e after 3-4 years.

Lesson #5 :- If collecting philatelic material such as used postcards, register cover please make sure basic things other wise it easy to make RUBBER stamp and stamped it on cover or postcard and $1 stamp will  be selling for $10 or more.!!

Lesson #6 :- Don't go for ERROR material. It is made for ERROR (such as all overprint stamps or printed incorrectly) they  will start coming in market after 30-40 years so no one can find right source who did or from where it came from.!! If it is really error then it should show up immediately like " USA stamp Inverted Jenny" which was found in 4 days from regular postoffice and started selling at premium.

Lesson #7 :- Make sure following
* Who it is addressed to
* Who is sender of philatelic material.
* Who was original creator of this philatelic material.
* Who is seller (country, activity in last 2-3 years etc).
* # of covers officially mailed in postal stream or just rubber stamp on both sides.(like any FFC after 2000).
* Total # of covers made
* Make sure Postmark Cancellation date and it's quality on front.
*  Receiving Cancellation Date Stamp or barcode etc.
* If philatelic material is like "Gandhi Boycott Label" can be it reprinted.?
* Other supporting proof that it is genuine.

If you don't make sure above things then  you will end up having cover similar to 1948 Nepal or 1969 or 2009 Mauritius covers or like FAKE or possible forgery1969 special cancellation from Burma, Fiji, Czechoslvoakia, Luxembourg or 2009 Germany Cancellation.!!!

Lesson #8:- Think how Easy is to make a RUBBER stamp before you go for any special cancellation or any old cover with postmark cancel.

Lesson #9:- Don't buy Fixed price item if it is high price or don't justify. Do research about completed items for 2-3 months on ebay or delcampe to know price. Also don't just blindly take that previous selling price granted. It might be over inflated or shill bidding might happen in that in order to show it's selling at that particular price.  So use your own judgement to decide the price other wise it will happen like me. Paid high price for very bad quality.!!

Let me explain #3, On ebay & delcampe ID "dkkphila" and "kad_ss" is the same person. If you look at his feedback you will see he writes NEGATIVE FEEDBACK for himself.!! in order to make us fool (idiot) that he is not same.!!! Click following link and you will notice that. ( buy if you want to honor the deal!!),00208860,language,E.html  (See all the way to end, first feedback or see following screen shot from delcampe feedback.).

By doing he is trying to make that dkkphila is not kad_ss.!!!

But This is  SHILL Bidding. Bidding on own item.!!

I bought very bad quality  item at very high price from dkkphila.You can see this in following screen shot.,0047556836,language,E.html,0047558923,language,E.html,0047557312,language,E.html

So now you know why I have started writing about pricing  of Gandhi Philatelic material.  In short do more research about seller, pricing, quality etc.

I know not all buyer with low feedback are bad but need to take extra eye when purchasing. Also half of the seller who sells GANDHI philatelic material are Bogus (FAKE identity) and half of them belongs to dkkphila.!! That's why it stop with 16 feedback.!!

It's a small cartel (group of seller/collectors/dealer who are trying to increase price by bidding on friends and family) out there in ebay and delcampe auction site.!! (Again this is illegal in USA as well as UK and other countries).

I hope this will help all Gandhi Collectors. If all Gandhi Collectors share this kind of info we all will enjoy this hobby instead of collectors quitting this hobby  after buying this kind of material.

Do you agree with me that I paid high price on worst quality?
Have you ever feel that  you have been cheated?

What are your feelings about cheating happened to you? Please share your thoughts in the Comments section.

It's amazing out there.!!!

Ketankumar Patel.
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