Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gandhi Personalised stamp

What is Personalised stamp?
As name indicate it is personal stamp which anyone can make it " Create your own stamp". This is offered by some of the countries like USA, UK, Belgium, Iran, Nederland etc. Some countries allow label(e.g UK) with there stamp and others allow stamp directly(e.g. Netherlands,USA)

Why Personalised stamp?
This stamp is for fun to celebrate certain special event or function in someone's family such as birthday, marriage, new arrival etc.

Why Gandhi Personalised stamp?
To make MONEY.!! As there is not enough Gandhi philatelic material to collect when you compare to other thematic collection such as birds/flowers/animals/sports etc so now a days individuals are coming up with a great new idea of making personalised stamp of Gandhi and creating different postal material such as FDC, used covers etc

What is philatelic value of thie personalised stamp?
Nothing.!! ( This is just my opinion). According to me there is no limit of this personalised stamps. If there is huge demand of that stamp than it can be reprinted. Also there is no authority to control this so in future I can also print it with any topic related to Gandhi. This is like making a rubber stamp.!!

In past stamp dealer were printing out stamps from smaller countries and flooded the market, now everyone can print there own stamps.!!

What are other possibilites of this personalised stamps?
There are chances that in future someone will come up with some offending stamps with Gandhi pictures or his principles which he follow throughout his life.

Recently I read article that someone in USA came up with stamp of HINDU GOD and which is offending to all Hindu people around the world and there is no way to stop them.!! You can check following link for this article.

Now it's upto collector to decide what they want to collect and what they do want to do with their collection. Also it's upto collector how much value this personalised stamp is.

Following are some of the personalised stamp and FDC. I don't own any of those.
Gandhi Personalised sheet from England which is selling for 100+ dollars.

Following is 6 Gandhi Personalised stamp from Iran which is selling around 10+ US dollars.
Following is FDC of personalised stamp from Australia which mentioned about Gandhi's Death Anniversary but the postmark date is incorrect and selling for about 10+ US dollars.

There are more personalised stamp but I am just uploading 3 as sample.

This personalised stamp is very easy to make. Just go to any countries postal service website and see whether they are offering service to Create your own stamp. If they than just click the link, upload any free Gandhi picture and write anything on it and order it by paying and than start selling on ebay or delcampe and you will make 3 to 5 times profit. More reading about personalised stamp at
Thanks for reading and all comments are welcome.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sao Tome Principe Ghandi Picasso stamp - Sao Tome Principe Gandhi Picasso stamp

I don't understand why 1987 Gandhi stamp from Sao Tome Principe is selling for more than $100 dollars. This country is 183rd in size(372 sq. miles), 188th in population( 163000) and Gross National Income per captial is US 1020$. If you compare with USA which i s 3/4th in size, 3rd in population (308 million) and GNI per capital is US 48000$.

If you think about this 3 facts than you will start thinking who in Sao Tome & Principe will buy this stamps. I think this is another example of making money on Gandhi stamps in which fetching lot of money.

This stamp was printed in 1987 with Olympic games, International Organisations, Red cross, Famous people Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Albert John Lutuli. It's Michel number 979-982, 169. Following is the complete set.

Some times you can find this stamp cheap from people who are collecting only Nobel Price winner or Red Cross and Gandhi is not Noble Price winner (This is a great embrassement for all the Nobel prize winners !!) and collectors of that nobel prize stamps don't need this Gandhi stamp. If you are lucky you will get cheap otherwise collector has to pay high price.

The price in an old Michel catalogue is cheap and they never warned in Michel Rundschau about high prices of this Gandhi stamp.

If anyone has more info about this stamp than please comment on it.

Following are links from delcampe auction site and you will be amazed what price it is selling for and who are the bidders. Look carefully to bidders name.

1) Delcampe item # 85864077
2) Delcampe item #64552460
3) Delcampe item #91402531
4) Delcampe item #64552460

You can read more about this stamps on following website.:-

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oman Gandhi "Stamps"

Good Evening Gandhi collectors,

My first blog-post on this site. Thanks to Mr.Maulik for inviting me to join in this endeavour, and also to Mr.Patel for encouraging me to blog.

I decided to start off with a small post about the elusive Oman Gandhi “Stamps”. My interest in this issue was re-triggered by an email from Mr.Mahendra Sagar in the USA, a specialized collector of inverted issues.

The Oman Gandhi “stamps” are a set issued under the name “State of Oman”, sometime in the 1970s. These issues are by a rebel group from a period when Oman was facing a lot of internal strife. More info about this is given on the below link:

Thus, the set of stamps is bogus/fake/Cinderella, etc., but nevertheless a collector’s item, and a very rare one at that. The set of is probably 10 in number, as that is the maximum I have come across in a single place. The scans of the 10 stamps are given on the below link:

These Gandhi Oman stamps are overprinted on metal foil and are about 2.5 cms in diameter. The stamps originally feature Charles de Gaulle, the French Army General and later President. The Gandhi image has been superimposed on the de Gaulle image, and this is what has given rise to certain variations.

I have 9 of these stamps, as per below scan (2 each of 1B,2B,3B,5B and 1 of 4B):

As you can see, “Charles de Gaulle” appears on Gandhi’s shoulder.

Mr.Mahendra Sagar had emailed the below scans of 2 stamps with the Gandhi image 180 degrees inverted:

Here, the “Charles de Gaulle” inscription appears on Gandhi’s head. Though this is definitely a variety, a point to be noted is that since the image has been superimposed and the circular shape makes it difficult to “fix” the position of the stamp, such varieties are bound to occur. In fact, in one of my stamps, the Gandhi image appears to be 90 degrees tilted.

Though the set of “stamps” is extremely rare, I again wish to stress that it is not a genuine set, and is thus strictly for Gandhi-lovers !

Nikhil Mundra
24th January 2010

Overprint GANDHI stamps

I was thinking that this overprint Gandhi stamps were error (knowing or unknowing) but I was not sure at all. Recently I came to know about J & H Stolow Inc. ( Julius and Henry Stolow).

This company was world largest stamp wholesaler until 1970. You can read more about them at wikipedia link which is

Following are some of the Overprint stamps of Gandhi.

There are 2-3 more of this kind of stamp from this 2 countries.

After reading about J & H Stolow Inc and doing more research I found out that
1) They were preparing stamp for Africa and other smaller countries.
2) They did overprinting of stamps
3) And lot more.................

One of their overprinting link is following

Now after reading this link and also about the J & H Stolow I am curious about Gandhi overprint stamps from Cameroun & Nigragua which are currently selling from some european countries where this J & H Stolow has some roots.
Until now I was thinking it is good item to collect after reading from different sources but now I am confused after my own research.

Also I am not sure what is the real value?

If someone has any more info than please add in comments or let me know so I can update this and provide more information to current as well as future new Gandhi collectors.


I think this is anothe example of making money using Gandhi. This stamps are selling currently on for 30-50 dollars and on (India) it is selling for enormous amount which is some where from 2000-10000 rupees which is ($40 -$200)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to make money from GANDHI stamps!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Gandhi is so famous in world that everyone is trying to make money. Recently I read about a Mount Blanc Gandhi Pen selling for 25000 US dollars associated with Gandhi.!!

In philately world also you will be amazed that how some people are making money by printing GANDHI on stamps from smaller countries and selling it on ebay or delcampe. Some of the stamps might be real and some might be fake.

So until there are collectors for this kind of stamps there will be printers who will print this, dealer who will try to sell it around the world.

According to me this kind of stamp has no value in philatelic world even if it is legally mailed from that country because main purpose of this is to make money.

As Maulik had mentioned in his blog about Panamas-Gandhi-Stamp that the certain countries government contracted with a firm which agreed to provide stamps without cost in return for the rights to sell them to stamp dealers outside that country. The contractor was given the authority to design the stamps and most of the numerous stamps which would sell well to thematic collectors.

Now you have to decide what is good for you as a collector and what you want to collect.

Following are some of the stamps which are selling on ebay from 10-25$. (I don't own any of them).

I am tired now uploading this images as there are more than 100+ this kind of stamps from this countries.
"Mahatma Gandhi Amar Raho" ( Long live Mahatma Gandhi). 

Now in future you might see FDC of this miniature sheet.!!!

Ketankumar Patel.
My First year experience in Gandhi Philately.
My 100th blog post.
Gandhi Stamp Collecting is SCAM. My 3 year experience tell me Yes!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

FAKE Gandhi postmark cancel from Germany on 2nd October 2009 ???

Recently I noticed on ebay that there is one more postmark cancel by Germany on October 2nd 2009 on Gandhi's 140th birthday to celebrate United Nations International Non-Violence Day. Following is the postmark cancel.

I did some research on German Post website which is & also I contacted them by email and got reply from them(email copy is attached). Also I contacted some local German Philatelist from whom I bought Gandhi related material and according to them they are not aware of this postmark cancellation.

This is amazing as GANDHI philately material is one of the most popular and searched on internet auction sites as well as in stamp shows noone has any idea about this postmark cancellation. How this is possible that no stamp collector/dealer from Germany has no idea.!!

My research indicates that following is authenticated philatelic material issued on October 2nd 2009.

1) United Nations:- $1 Gandhi stamp with FDC & Souvenir card
2) India :- 25 Rupees Gandhi stamp & FDC.
3) Croatia :- Gandhi Postmark Cancel.

So now my questions is what is this German GANDHI postmark cancellation?

Is it FAKE? (Read email from German Postal Service)

Unless I don't get sufficient proof I think it is.

Also above cover and other covers selling has postal barcode. This does not mean that this is not fake. We are now in modern world where everything is easy and quickly done using computer and printer so just don't blindly think that this is real.
Postal barcode can be printed on cover using Microsoft word !! and also using special software. Please read following you will get idea.
For USPS:-
For German (Deutsche) Post:-

If someone has any proof please let us know so we can update this.


Ketankumar Patel.
My First year experience in Gandhi Philately.
My 100th blog post.
Gandhi Stamp Collecting is SCAM. My 3 year experience tell me Yes!!

I got 2 reply from different department of Deutschepost and as per them this are not postmark from German Postal Service. Read following emails and let me know if any question about email.

Update on 3/10/2011

Genuine/Real postmark cancellation from German Post related to India was issued on 2/12/2011 for Indipex 2011 stamp exhibition in New Delhi. Check following and make see the difference. (You can see the POSTHORNS on both side of town name BONN!!)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Jan 22, 2010 4:47 AM
Subject: Your inquiry

Dear Mr. Patel,

Thank you for your inquiry.
Deutsche Post AG did not issue any postmark from Ghandi`s birthday.

Kind regards
Jutta Frimberger
Premium Service Philatelie

Deutsche Post AG
Niederlassung Philatelie
Franz-Zebisch-Str. 15
92637 Weiden

3632 Junior Assistent Premium
Tel.: 0180 3 245442

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Feb 1, 2010 6:31 AM
Subject: AW: Gandhi postmark handstamp on October 2nd 2009 from Winnenden, Germany,

Dear Mr. Patel,

Thank you for your require.

The postmark is not a postmark from the German Post. You can recognize this, because there are no posthorns on it.

I am sorry, the person who has created the postmark is unknown.

Kind regards

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Anna Girbert

Deutsche Post AG
Niederlassung Philatelie
Franz-Zebisch-Str. 15
92637 Weiden
Tel: 0961 - 3818 3636
Fax: 01805 - 24 68 76


Also if you see there is no POSTHORNS on this cancel. This posthorns are small design on both sides around the name of the city on the cancel.

You can see this posthorns at following link on German postal service.

Following postmark cancel is genuine which has 2 posthorns on both sides of the name of city (Barnstorf) where as Gandhi postmark cancel that is missing(maker of this Gandhi postmark cancel did not notice this!!)

******** Also read about frogeries in German Postmark Cancel **********
While researching on this German Cancel I found very interesting material related to Germany postmark handstamp forgery.
It is very important to read before you buy any Gandhi related material from Germany including this as well as other FFC available from that country.

Following link will display more than 650 FAKE postmark handstamp. You can see by clicking following link and than choose the first alphabet of German city.[showUid]=90

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gandhi stamp value declining.!! KAMERUN - Cameroon - Cameroun Gandhi - Ghandi stamp, Syria Gandhi Stamp, Somalia Ghandi stamp

Recently I notice that there is stiff decline in demand of Gandhi stamp, which eventually is declining the price.

Today there were 7-8 Gandhi stamps were sold on ebay at very low price which was surpising me. I was thinking that 1969 stamps from Somalia, Syria & Cameroun - Kamerun are very rare stamps available in the market but this not a case.

Following is the price of sold item

Gandhi SOMALIA 3 STAMPS 1969 -- 2.21 GBP


Above screenshoot will make you start thinking about what's in this Gandhi Philately going on.!!

This is because of global economy meltdown effect or by better understanding of dealers and reseller.?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gandhi Postmark Cancel issued by Croatia on 02-Oct-2009

On 2nd October 2009 Croatia issued special postmark cancel to honour Mahatma Gandhi on International Non-Violence Day observed by United Nations.

Following are the 2 postcard with Postmark Cancel from Croatia Post Office. I verified with Croatia Postal Service and also I have a proof of that this is genuine postmark cancel (not a rubber stamp).

Any comments or concerns about this Croatia Postmark Cancel is welcome.

Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gandhi Stamp exhibit donation at Mani Bhavan, Mumbai

By Ketankumar Patel.
Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently I went to India and I got chance to visit 2 residence of Gandhiji. Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad and Mani Bhavan in Mumbai. After visiting this 2 places my respect for Gandhiji is more than ever. His simplicity and true dedication for people of India touched me.

I was also suprised to see Gandhi Stamp exhibit at Mani Bhavan. This exhibit is in displayed in the entrance of the building which give glimpse of Gandhi's life and one of the most famous face on stamp in philatelic world.
This exhibit was given gift to Mani Bhavan by Harjeet Singh so all visitor can see what other countries has done for this great Man.
Following are some of the pictures taken by my during visit of Gandhi's Mumbai house.

I am impressed by Mr. Harjeet Singh and his respect & passion about Gandhi. According to me he is one of the GREATEST Gandhi philatelic collector as he showed unselfishness by donating his entire collection to Mani Bhavan. By doing this he showed that he just did not collect Gandhi Philatelic material but also follow his principle of unselfishness by putting his country first than himself.

Future reading about Mani Bhavan
Thanks for reading this blog.

Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.