Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gandhi Postmark Cancel issued by Croatia on 02-Oct-2009

On 2nd October 2009 Croatia issued special postmark cancel to honour Mahatma Gandhi on International Non-Violence Day observed by United Nations.

Following are the 2 postcard with Postmark Cancel from Croatia Post Office. I verified with Croatia Postal Service and also I have a proof of that this is genuine postmark cancel (not a rubber stamp).

Any comments or concerns about this Croatia Postmark Cancel is welcome.

Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. Are these the only 2 postcards or there are others?

  2. Sniper,

    Please introduce yourself with your contact info in future before asking to any questions. We don't know who are you so it will be harder to reply to unknown person. But still I will reply.

    This is special postmark cancellation so of course there will be more of this postcards, event covers, used covers etc with this special cancellation.

    We have no idea how collectors, dealers and resellers use this cancellation for collection or to make money out of it. Also I think Croatia Postal Service will have no record about this too.

    Personally I had seen 2 more postcards with this special cancellation, so uptill now there are total 4 of this in market.

    Only important thing here is special postmark cancellation so instead of worrying about # of postcards think about postmark cancellation.