Friday, April 29, 2011

Mahatma Gandhi, Trinidad & Tobago stamp price is declining or this is the real price.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

On April 13th I wrote about "How to Protect Yourself while buying Mahatma Gandhi stamps".

In that blog post I published my research on How seller tries to fool/FAKE you when selling Mahatma Gandhi stamps that they are from China, South Korea, Isarel and even USA and other countries. In that blog post I wrote about Trinidad & Tobago stamp sold for $12 by South Korea seller and buyer from India.

Today that same stamps sold for $2.!! So previous buyer lost 600% in less than 20 days.!! or something is going on such as shill bidding.!! I know what's going on but now you need to decide.

Does this makes sense or this is the REAL price?

On side note did you notice something weird on above ebay screen shot. It takes 14-23 days from Canada to arrive to USA!!!!!!!!!!!

So don't just buy it blindly. Wait and Watch and when price is right under $1 then buy it and don't have to pay $12.!!

You can buy same stamps for $0.60 (60 cents) on delcampe. Yes for 60 cents only.!!
Click following link to buy it,116945834,var,Trinite-Tobago-1970-268-69-euro;-10-Mahatma-Gandhi,language,E.html

Also seller of this 60 cents T and T Gandhi stamp is Verified on Delcampe and member of Gold club so don't worry about getting cheated. Also 3000+ feedback by seller so go for it if you really wants to buy it. This are the 3 keys points when buying Mahatma Gandhi stamps. 1) # of Feedback 2) Verified Seller 3) Gold Club member.

Ketankumar Patel.

UPDATE : (11/22/11)

On 11/15/11 Trinidad & Tobago stamps were sold for 60cents only.!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

USA Gandhi stamps on Rocket Fired with Satellite cover.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently I went to USA Rocket Philatelic exhibition and I found one cover with USA Gandhi stamps. It's interesting to see Gandhi stamps used on different covers.

From 1961-1964, 4 launches of American earth micrometeoroid satellite were done by USA as a part of space program.

First date: 6/30/1961 .
Last date: 11/6/1964 .

Following is some information about Rocket Launch.

Launch Date: 1961 June 30
Launch Site: Wallops Island.
Launch Complex: Wallops Island LA3.
LV Family: Scout.
Launch Vehicle: Scout X-1.
LV Configuration: Scout X-1 ST-5.
FAILURE: Third stage did not ignite, and the vehicle was destroyed..
Summary: Micrometeorite counter satellite (S-55)..

Wallops Island is a 6 square mile (15.5 km²) island off the east coast of Virginia, part of the barrier islands that stretch along the eastern seaboard of the United States of America.

The island is primarily used for NASA's Wallops Flight Facility, although the name also refers to the peninsula area surrounding the island for the purpose of mailing addresses.

Again thanks for reading this blog post and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Further study:
1) Scott Launching Vechile

Sunday, April 24, 2011

South Africa RSA 1995 Mahatma Gandhi stamp sheet value - Price Declining.!! Part - 6

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

I was surprised by selling price of 2 sheets of RSA 1995 Mahatma Gandhi stamp sheet. It was sold for $4.99 + 1.00 shipping.!! .

Don't know why it sold at this price. Looks like really something is going on with Gandhi stamps.!!

This is really interesting that stamps value after 17 years is not appreciating at all and it's decreasing.

Past blog post about Gandhi stamp vaule declining.

1) Gandhi stamp value declining.!!
2) Gandhi stamp vaule declining - Part 2


Ketankumar Patel.
My First year experience in Gandhi Philately.
My 100th blog post.
Gandhi Stamp Collecting is SCAM. My 3 year experience tell me Yes!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

FAKE Gandhi Specimen stamp from Cyprus

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In Gandhi Philatelic World you have seen everything from Fake Pictorial Postmark Cancel, Fake Postcards, Fake seller, FAKE Error Stamp.

This is one more addition in that list. Recently I saw FAKE Gandhi Specimen stamp from Cyprus was sold for $1.54. It was good that seller was selling this as FAKE material.

There are lot of SPECIMEN Gandhi 1951 & 1969 Postcard from India comes for sale so now we all need to keep eye on it. Click this link to look and read about this.

Don't know what else I will see fake in future.!!!

New Gandhi Collectors need to be aware of this kind of materials and activity going in this hobby.

Do you think Gandhi stamp is still for Investment ?

Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

USA Gandhi stamp with CDS from Panama - Paquebot - 5

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Following is a paquebot cover which has CDS from Panama on USA Gandhi stamp.

Cover is from S.S Metapan (2nd) was manufactured by Newport News Shipbuilding for the United Fruit Co. in May of 1947. This was the second Metapan that was owned by UFC; the original had sunk years earlier when another ship collided into it during a dense fog.

In 1970 transferred to Dutch flag renamed Tanamo and in late 70 it was scrapped 1975).

Stamp:- USA Gandhi 4 cents
Cancel:- 8-8-1962 from Cristobal, Panama
Ship:- S.S.Metapan (2nd) (1947 - 1975)
Ship Type:- 455' Refrigerated Cargo Ship
Ship Owner:- United Fruit Company, USA.


Some important links about ship history

1) United Fruit Company history.
2) Asbesto issue.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

CDS error on USA 4 cents Gandhi stamp from US Army -Air Force Postal Service

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

I think following is very rare amazing cover. Look at it and you decide.

I think it's amazing, not because error made by postal service employee but look at the coincidence with error in year as you can see 1961 correctly if you reverese this cover as "9" & "6" also blend with each other or you can see "1" in 1961 is stamped incorrectly for both "1".!!

I think it is "1" which is stamped incorrectly.

Also I saw one more cover with similar CDS error without Gandhi stamp. (But lost in transit to India).

Ketankumar Patel.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What is Gandhi Boycott Label.?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

The Swadeshi movement, part of the Indian independence movement, was a successful economic strategy to remove the British Empire from power and improve economic conditions in India through following principles of swadeshi (self-sufficiency). Strategies of the swadeshi movement involved boycotting British products and the revival of domestic-made products and production techniques.

Swadeshi Movement emanated from the partition of Bengal, 1905 and continued up to 1908. It was the most successful of the pre-Gandhian movements. Chief architects were Aurobindo Ghosh, Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bipin Chandra Pal and Lala Lajpat Rai. Swadeshi, as a strategy, was a key focus of Mahatma Gandhi who described it as the soul of Swaraj (self rule). However there is no corroborative evidence to support that Swadeshi was successful at punishing the British.

I don't have this Gandhi label because it never appealed me to add in my collection as I think it can be printed any time as there are no law to prevent this from reprinting and also no authority to monitor this as it is a LABEL.!!

So I am not sure why collectors are buying it for 5-15$. Sometimes it goes upto 50+ dollars.!!!

I think it will be very hard to find original as it has been almost 80+ years and during that time it's main purpose was to use it on mail to oppose British and spread the message. Also there were very less collector during that time and also paper quality & local printing quality cannot sustain weather and all other condition required to keep this kind of material in good condition. Another thing is that people were even afraid to keep this kind of label with them as they were feared from Britisher.!!

Recently this kind of label was sold for $41 and only single bidder for this item. Don't know why paying $41 for this PIECE OF PAPER.

Also one more thing I noticed is initial starting price of auction was $41.!!! Not sure why so high.!!

If it is high price than seller has no confidence about his item.!! but this will stop shill bidding.!!

Seller: London-stamps from UK.
Buyer: Coolblue1955 from India
Sale: $41
Date: 4/17/2011

My advice will be stay away from this PIECE OF PAPER or Label or Cinderella.!!!

Or look for some genuine seller who will mention that this is Cindrella and price will be cheap. Following screen shot is from ebay where seller mentioned about this and selling under 6-7$.

If you have any more information than please write a comment so everyone can read it.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sri Lanka Gandhi Stamp : Don't know what's going on with Srilanka Gandhi stamp.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In 1988 Srilanka issued Mahatma Gandhi stamp.

Mahatma Gandhi travelled from India to Ceylon arriving in Colombo, the capital city on November 12, 1927 and stayed there for 3 weeks . He accompanied by his wife Kasturba, C. Rajagopalachari(who was using 10 Rupees Gandhi Service stamp as first Governor General of India in 1948) and Lakshmi Rajagopalachari(daughter-in-law of Gandhiji)in Ceylon. His visit caused great excitement. The people of Ceylon were calling for greater independence from the British who had ruled the country since 1815 having taken over the island from the Dutch.

Now let's see what's going with Srilanka Gandhi stamp. Even though it is issued in 1988 it is not available easily. My guess it is hidden in someone's closet.!!

Recently on ebay there were 2 auction of Srilanka Gandhi stamp. One is single MNH sold for $41 and other with MNH block of 2 sold for $22(11$ per stamp. Even though Srilanka Gandhi stamp is 0.75 rupees it is appreciating lot in 25 years.!!

Can't believe what happen. Is it real that price decline by 400% in just 10 days or something else!! Following are screenshot can you look at it.

Seller:- stampgal-sfb from USA
Buyer:- shukla_nawab from India
# of bids: 14
Date Sold:- 03/29/2011
Sold for:- $41

Seller:- abikutti123(2412) from India
Buyer:- UNKNOWN (because of Private listing) (why private listing???)
# of bid:- 3
Date Sold:- 04/09/2011
Sold for:- $21.50

Looks like it is very hard to find a right price for Gandhi stamps as it varies who is selling it.

Buyers need to be aware that they don't need to pay high price for artifically inflated price for common stamps or FDC.

Think twice before jumping in Gandhi Philatelic and if you are already in(like me) then think twice before you bid.!!!

Again thanks for reading this blog post and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Update : - On December 2011 it was sold for 3 Euros ($4).!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Looks like Bubble in Cameroun - Cameroon - KAMERUN 1968 Mahatma Gandhi - Ghandi FDC & also in other Gandhi stamps.!!!!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

“Let us learn to live simply, so that others may simply live.” — Mahatma Gandhi

I think this is really required in Gandhi Philatelic world.!! and we can do this ourselves by following some of the Gandhian principles!!, but it's hard to do that even though we all collect stamps of Mahatama Gandhi.

In last 2-3 years Cameroon Gandhi FDC is reduce from $295 to $112 so I did some research on this and following are my findings, which might help you also.

In 2010 Cameroon is 151st in GDP per head. Now you will be thinking what to do with this.!! So think what was GDP Per head income in 1968.

You all might know that in 1968 Republic of Cameroon issued Mahatma Gandhi Stamp, FDC, Souvenir Sheet, Triptychs, 1969 Overprint stamps with Moon Landing(WHY??), so it is really interesting for Gandhi collectors along with other world famous leaders(during 1960) like MLK, John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. Why this many stamps (imperf and perf) with combination of leaders from Cameroon in 1968-1969?. Also I am not sure why they issued Mahatma Gandhi stamp in 1968 instead of 1969 when all 35+ countries issued stamp to honored Mahatma Gandhi 100th Birth Anniversary.

This looks like some Cameroon Post goverment worker or some private collectors or dealers were very smart and they know how to make money even in 1968-1969.!! Looks like this people were visonaries and we are still chasing them without thinking.!!

Even though Cameroon is very small poor country in Africa, Gandhi 1968 FDC from Cameroun is one of the most expensive.!! This is beauty of philatelic world.!! Smaller the country more expensive item it will be.!! Look at value of USA, UK, Germany Gandhi FDC value(US $1) which is afforable to all collectors even though they issued 1 stamp except USA who issued 2 stamps.

I think buying Cameroun Gandhi FDC for more than $75 will BURN you in future because of bubble in price(same way housing bubble in USA). I bought this for $150 which is low price compare to other buyer, but I am still affected by this and feels like I am Burned.!! This is similiar to Morrocco Gandhi FDC except price of Morrocco FDC is much lower.

Reason for my assumption this is not rare as more than 2000 were made in 1969 and still sleeping in someone closet and someone in Europe is getting richer when collector and reseller are trying to buy it or wants to increase price of their possesion.!! Also Cameroun stamps/sheets with overprint are also interesting including used covers with Gandhi Cameroun stamps which were sold in past for 300-500 US dollars.

Some of the early Gandhi collector already have this and there are very few collectors who still needs this but some cannot afford it or don't want to buy at current price it is selling.

Recently I saw 6 FDC Cameroun FDC was offered on ebay for $300 and none of them were sold.!! It's amazing that no one wants to buy it at that price.!!

Also 2 FDC on delcampe was not sold at $275 after that person bought it for $120-150 and try to quick sale.

In past 2 years I had seen only 5-6 sold and everytime price is getting lower even though some collectors, reseller and dealers are trying to increase it by bidding it so it stay upto certain level.!!

Some dealers/resellers are even get cheated as they are not aware of this current modern technology works.!!

1) First one on 4-26-2008 was bought by "Ganges1948" dealer in India for 294 dollars to resell it.!! It is still on ebay india store who is asking $500+ for this same FDC.(click above link to see more details). I don't think he will ever recover his cost.!! because he was cheated very badly by same person who try to cheat me.!!

2) Second one on 3-9-2009 was bought by me for $150. Acutually it was sold for $266. I was cheated here.!! Actually a Gandhi collector/reseller from UK who has 3-4 Cameroun Gandhi FDC wants to increase price of this FDC increase bid on this by opening a fake id "Khelka10" who has also bidded initally with his id. He did not paid and seller offered me this FDC at lower price!!. This purchase made me SMARTER.!! Also I got a good deal of $150 from buyer. (click above link to see more details)

3) 3-7-2010 sold for 214 buy "gdstamps" from Canada and bought by Indian dealer "eaglefila".

4) 5-14-2010 sold for 179 buy "MAXWELLBRUSHSTICK" from UK and bought by ??.

This seller is interesting. He was the one who introduce me to delcampe "delcampe id is Bullterrier" by specially putting fdc for me to sale. Also this seller sometimes auctioned some expensive Gandhi FDC. Seller is also a research topic.!!

5) In late 2010 2 piece of FDC was bought by "jamals" on delcampe for $120-140. I don't have more details of this.

6) Sixth FDC was purchased by "bipin8" for 112 $ at Fixed price. This buyer is also a research topic.!!

Following are some screen shot of all transactions about Cameroun Gandhi FDC.:-

It's very hard to put all piece together but this mostly surrounds to one or two of the biggest cheater in Gandhi Philatelic world.!!!!!!!!!!! You need to find out who are they.!!! But following screenshot or delcampe links study might help you.

1st FDC
Where:- Delcampe
Buyer:- Ganges1948 (reseller from India)
Fake Buyer:- 6300.
Seller:- Aillant
Date Sold:- 4/26/2008
Price:- $295

2nd FDC
Where:- Delcampe
Buyer:- Khelka10 (fake bidder).
Seller:- Jean45
Date Sold:- 3/9/2009
Price:- $266 (actually sold for $150 and bought by me.)

3rd FDC

Where:- Ebay
Buyer:- eaglefila from India.
Seller:- gdstamps from Canada. (need to research more).
Date Sold:- 3/7/2010
Price:- $214.

4th FDC
Where:- Ebay
Buyer:- ??
Seller:- Maxwellbrushstick (will never buy from him)
Date Sold:- 15/14/2010
Price:- $179

5th FDC
Where:- Delcampe
Buyer:- Jamals from India.
Date Sold:- ??
Price:- $120-150


6th FDC.
Where:- Delcampe
Buyer:- bipin8 from UK.
Seller:- Marp
Date Sold:- 1/28/2011
Price:- $112 (Fixed Price.)

As you saw that price is reduce from $295 to $112, so it's not worth buying this artifiical expensive(inflated) FDC.

So don't buy it for more than $75 and show your simplicity.!! Even $75 is too much.!!


If you like this blog post then please check out our other blog post related to some other FAKE Gandhi Philatelic material. (It's interesting to read all 7 blog post, so please read.!)

Maldives :
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1969 issues :

After reading above blog post don't you think similar pattern for making FDC or Max Card in Gandhi Philately.!! (It's a whole new topical Philately !! FAKE Gandhi thematic collection.!!)

Is it hobby with investment or scam in mind? !! Think before you buy any Gandhi Philately Material as it is very easy to make rubber stamp.!!! 

This is how stamp printers and stamp dealers prosper!!

Again thanks for reading this blog post and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to protect yourself while buying Mahatma Gandhi stamps or any stamps.

Hello Gandhi collectors,

One of the famous quotes of Mahatma Gandhi is

"The World is big enough for everyone’s needs – but it is too small for the GREED of one man!"
I am writing this for new Gandhi stamps collector so they know how is Gandhi's Philatelic world.

In past I bought some stamps from countries such as China, Isarel and I think I was cheated by them by paying very high price for some Gandhi stamps. At that time I was very new so I was not aware of what's going in Gandhi Philatelic world. But I learned from my mistake and I want to protect others so I am writing about this kind of activity.

Recently I saw Trinidad & Tobaga 1969 set of Gandhi stamp selling from South Korea. It was sold for $12 + shipping.

I am surpised by the price it sold because this is very common stamp and it is easily available in market on ebay india or delcampe.

It is easy to fool buyer that you are from other countries by just changing the address after opening a account( I did that to make sure!!) or when you travel you can open it from airport.!!

So never think seller is from China or Isarel or Japan or Korea or Australia or Newzealand or even USA.!!

Also there will be very less collector or dealer in China or Korea who has Mahatma Gandhi material so either they are supporting their friends or relatives from other part of world by shipping items for them.

Also this seller will take longer to ship as they have to send it to friend from that country or they ship will ship from their own countries.!!

Now let's see following sale of Gandhi stamps from Trinidad & Tobaga.

Seller:-nohjc2005 May-10-09 in Korea, South
Buyer:- sunilramesh Dec-20-05 in United States
Sold Price:- $12
Date Sold:- 4/13/2011

After researching more about this buyer he/she looks Indian(because of id name). I am not sure why this buyer did not look at India's ebay site. It is selling for around $4-5 or $2 on delcampe. So I am more surprised.!!

Another example is same buyer buying Gandhi Yemen stamp for $8. He/She was very eager to buy this stamp as he bidded 2 more bids even after he was leading in auction. Not sure what he was trying to do but my guess he is he really wants to pay more and make seller rich.!!! or wants other buyer to pay more.

Now let's see following sale of Gandhi stamps from Yemen. (Buyer & seller are same!!)

Seller:-nohjc2005 May-10-09 in Korea, South
Buyer:- sunilramesh Dec-20-05 in United States
Sold Price:- $8 ( winner put 2 more bids as so desperate to buy it.!!)
Date Sold:- 4/16/2011

I don't want new Gandhi collectors to go through this and want to quit collecting Gandhi Philatelic materials as it will be expensive in initial stage.

I think best think to avoid this kind of situation is try to buy it with FIXED Price item if the price is reasonable between 1-3 US dollars for any Gandhi stamps except 10Rupees Gandhi stamp from India issued in 1948 or Panama Gandhi stamp (30-50$).

Some Gandhi stamps with overprint(10-20$) are selling little bit higher but this is useless to make money by some particular dealer with multiple famous people on it and moon landing overprint. I have that stamps but I regert buying it.!!

My 2+ years experience tells that you can find Gandhi stamp between 1-3 dollars so don't pay more.

Before you bid research for price and don't just jump in. You will get another chance in future to buy it. As per Gandhiji "The World is big enough for everyone’s needs – but it is too small for the GREED of one man!"


BTW: I think this is a questionable Sale.!!

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Gandhi 1970 - One Of A Kind - Great Britain - Printed on Gummed Side used on Postcard

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In 1969 more than 45 countries honored Mahatma Gandhi with stamps or special Cancellation or stationary. Great Britain was one of the country who issued Mahatma Gandhi stamp.

Mahatma Gandhi was first Non-British citizen on Great Britain postage stamp.

Recently a rare Great Britain Mahatma Gandhi Gumside printed was seen on used postcard. It seems there is only one sheet of 50 stamps known to exist with printed on Gumside and this is the only known use on a postcard.

But more surprising thing about previous owner of this postcard.

This was send to "Dr. Douglas Latto" who was higly qualified doctor, a life-long vegetarian and widely acclaimed and highly honored Philatelist. He was very famous collector who used to collected very unique and rare philatelic materials(please check some links at the end of this blog post). After his death his collections was sold by some of the famous auction house like Sotheby's.

Postcard with Used Gandhi 1/6 - Printed on Gummed Side

This postcard carries a Gandhi 1/6 stamp which has been printed on the gummed side. Stanley Gibbons 335a. The SG book does not list - 'used' ones but mint new are £900-1500 each.

The message on the reverse reads: This Gandhi stamp is printed on the gummed side - and is one of the damaged copies of the (blank for number) or so I have just bought! Thought you'd be amused to have it - if it arrives safely .....

The stamp has a bottom margin and appears scuffed - You can still feel the 'tackiness' of the gum.

Cancelled in Wimbledon, 9th March, 1970.

Dear collectors enjoy this rare postcard and as usual any comments or concerns are always welcome.

Sharing of Gandhi Philatelic material is taught to me by some famous Gandhi collectors like Raj Rajan, Maulik Thakkar & Nikhil Mundra.

Click to see 50th Anniversary
Special Cancellation

BTW:- Following are some of the links were you can find more info on Dr. Latto. (search for Latto in this articles. Provenance "to come from", means the origin, or the source of something, or the history of the ownership or location of an object)

1) Dr. Latto was previous owner of Penny plate 77 1d reds (SG43)
2) 1856-1862 Great Britain stamps owned by Dr. Latto(search for Latto)
3) One of his lot was sold for 46000 GBP at Sotheby's 1876 WATERMARK LARGE GARTER 8D. ORANGE PLATE 1, S.G.J91A.
4) Lot sold by Sothebys.(click link and then search for "latto")
5) Auction Catalogue - Great Britain - Phillips 22 Oct 1992 - with the Dr Douglas Latto coll of Surface Printed
6)Verified address also. (64 Great Cumberland Place, London was correct address)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

USA Gandhi error stamp

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In past 2 years I had seen lot of Gandhi Perf shift error, but recently I saw Perforation shift USA Gandhi 4 cents stamp.!!

One-way perforation mistakes occur when sheets of stamps are moved either vertically or horizontally during the perforation process.

Two-way perforation mistakes occur when sheets of stamps are moved both vertically and horizontally during the perforation process, instead of just one direction.

Following is example of One-way perf error.

If anyone knows more about Perf Shift USA Gandhi stamp than I would like to know following.

1) How many USA Gandhi stamps or sheets has Perf shift.?
2) Is this only in Gandhi 4 cents stamps or also in Gandhi 8 cents stamps?

Again thanks for reading this blog post and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Is this Real Panama Gandhi 1971 FDC or One more rubber stamp?

Hello Gandhi collector,

Recently we all saw Gandhi Panama FDC on ebay selling for 525 dollars, though no body bought it !!.

Also I had never seen it selling on ebay in last 2+ years or any reference in Gandhi Philatelic materials.

But after doing more research on Panama FDC I am confused as I can't find any details of this FDC. So this is Real or one more Rubber stamp in Gandhi Philatelic world.!!

If anyone has more info about this FDC then please write a comment on this blog so all Gandhi collector will be aware of this.


BTW: I know most of you know about this but I am writing for future Gandhi collector so they can read & see this information which may be useful to them, otherwise it will be like 1969 Gandhi cancellation.!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Reference of Mahatma Gandhi 1948 FDC from India with all 4 stamps sold on ebay

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Philatelist around the world consider 1948 10 Rupees Gandhi Stamp and FDC as investing item so I decided let's track and keep a good source for all current & new Gandhi Collectors. I am tracking Price, Buyer & Seller, Bidders on item etc of Mahatma Gandhi 1948 FDC with 10 Rupees stamp purchased from ebay/delcampe. It will be fun to see how price goes up and down as see ROI. Also this will serve as future reference for all Gandhi Collectors.

Also I think this buyer should do "Certificate Of Authenticity". so they can increase value of their philatelic material by get authenticated by experts from BPA.

Date Sold: 3/4/2011 for US $1246.
Seller: "jewels*n*bits" from UK.
Buyer: Unknown (because of private listing.!!)
Comments: WHY Private listing????????? Which means something flaky.!!

Date Sold: 3/9/2011 for US $1836.
Seller: "fredbettin" member since: Oct-21-98 in USA
Buyer: "advaitcorp" member since Sep-04-05 in India.

Date: 3/20/2011 for US $2125
Buyer: Mcphila from Germany
Seller: Keilbaygmbh from Germany

Date: 4/10/2011 for US $1275
Buyer: hitlerandgandhi from India
Seller: bcastleprof1 from UK

Again thanks for reading this blog post and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Click to see 50th Anniversary
Special Cancellation