Monday, April 6, 2009

Gandhi 1969 Cancels - Possible Forgeries

There are 4 known infamous cancels of Gandhi Centenary.

1. Fiji - Previously reported

2. Below is the from Rangoon, Burma.

3. The one below from Luxemburg.

4. The 4th and Final one from Czech Republic.

The authenticity of all the above is in serious question. I have physically handled all 3 of them. The covers appeared crisp and the size, appearance, gum and make appear very similar to the ones I could have bought from any general store in Mumbai.

Also, I have compared the "probable" authentic Luxemburg cancel that I own and purchased from a dealer based in Luxemburg. Attached below is an example. The cancel is bigger in size as compared to the one displayed above and is also much clearer.

Specifically for Luxemburg and Czech cancels
1. The ones mentioned in the Manik Jain catalog are very similar to the examples above. One on the stamp itself and one on the left of the cover.
2. There are no known usages of these cancels on any article that would have been posted.
From Fiji and Burma there are known usages in existance and it is a debatable issue whether any cancel issued and available in abundance on a plain cover with no known postal usage is genuine.

An Example of probably an authentic Luxemburg Cancel.

Inexpensive I would say, anywhere from US$15 to $25 and a Space filler for sure!!!!! The problem with these cancels is how do you compare it with an original when there is none. There is no catalog available other than the one from Manik Jain which in itself poses a debatable question on authenticity of material printed in it.


  1. Hello Maulik,

    Thanks for writing about this 1969 Cancels(Rubber Stamp).

    This is the base of my research on cancellation. And because of this I saved lot of money because of you.

    I think all 1969 Gandhi Cancels are FAKE because it was easy to make in 1969 and no one can track it down because at that time world was very small as only communication was through postal service.

    Some smart person did a great job of making it and spreading it as a real pictorial cancel to make money.

    If goverment of Fiji, Burma, Luxenbourg, Czech Republic really want to honor Mahatma Gandhi, they should do by issuing stamp instead of just Rubber Cancellation for that kind of big event.

    Now a days world is smaller so we can contact by email, search on internet etc and can find out more information about this kind of cancellation.

    So I will avoid this kind of material as it does not make sense to me.

    Unless I get a solid proof from that countries postal department I will agree with you.


  2. The luxemburg cancel above on a piece of card is probably authentic. I purchased it from a dealer in luxemburg.

    I also acquired an authentic 1969 Fiji Cancel from an auction house. I will attach the pics as I get time. Additionally I have seen an authentic Fiji Cancel on a used cover. I will provide a pick if I can find it.

    I am speculating that these authentic ones were probably used as a format to create fakes.

    But the general rule is be careful when you are buying any cancels, especially on a un-used cover, the probability of it being a fake are very high.

    Remember postal cancels are something that cannot be certified by BPA or RPS. It's not their core competency and they even lack the foresic tools to do it.