Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My 100th Gandhi Blog Post.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Can't believe it.  This is my own 100th blog post on Gandhi Philately Study Circle.

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I think this is only possible because all of you who read this blog (20000+ page views) which keeps  me motivating me to write more and more.  Thanks to all followers who are actively following this blog, all comments you wrote and all other philatelic blog who made us in their favorite blog list. It's has been great experience. I got some good compliments and I got some angry comments about my blog posts which usually happens in this world.

I still can't believe that what this hobby did it to me in less then 3 years.!!!

Back in November 2008 I was just looking some world stamps on eBay  so my son can learn some world geography, history, culture etc and I found Mahatma Gandhi Stamp of USA. Before that I only saw/know about  Mahatma Gandhi stamp only from India. I have no idea about 1948 Gandhi stamp and even 1969 Gandhi stamp.!!

And while researching more about Gandhi Stamp I came to know about Maulik 1948 exhibit and his blog gandhiphilately.blogpost.com ( Gandhi Philately Study Circle aka Gandhi Stamps) and  I requested Maulik Thakkar to join with him to write on his blog and here you go. It was first blog specially dedicated to Gandhi Philately and he was writing about some intersting topics which some of us will not even know.

I wrote my first blog on October 13 2009, "Gandhi and Paquebot - Part III"  (copying Maulik!!) and now I am writing my 100th blog post.!!

In November 2009 I wrote about my 1st year experience of collecting Gandhi Philatelic Material which was the worst time for my collection as I was not aware of what's going in Gandhi Philatelic world  as there was not material available about pricing or current trends going in Gandhi Philately and I felt cheated by some greedy dealers/collectors.

I can't find what is the right value of Gandhi stamps on internet and what is the right price of the philatelic items and what are the things going in such as Shill Bidding, Inflated prices, FAKE Gandhi Philately items, FAKE bidders, FAKE addresses, FAKE sellers, FAKE buyers etc.  I went through all this stuff and I learned myself  by putting all this pieces together and I came to conclusion that it's bad out there and I decided to spread this word and make everyone aware about this. So I wrote my 1st year of experience on the blog.!!

At one point I was thinking that I jumped in a bad hobby and thinking to quit. But as I am Patel it was not in my blood and I don't want to be quitter and I can't remain silence so I decided to be in this hobby but slowly slowly I started exposing what's going on.

While accumulating philatelic materials I paid high price for some of the stamps and philatelic material because of greed of some collectors. Also I  paid  high price for some items from China "asdaasdaasda" and from Israel "sedin01" for Somalia and Yemen Gandhi Stamps. I think I was cheated here too.!!

One of the example where I was cheated by a Gandhi collector(dealer) with same first name (Ketan) from UK !!

I was very upset after my finding even though I told him about his activities of selling and bidding with multiple id and also doing shill bidding on his friends id (BTW: his own id). . He tried to overbid me when I was trying to buy Cameroun FDC and eventually did not pay to seller.!!!  He wants to increase value of Cameroun FDC as he has 3-4 Cameroun FDC which he bought it at very low price and want to make a big bucks.!!

But after studying other Ketan and his activities I  can tell that "I am self proclaimed Expert of finding every thing FAKE in Philatelic.!!!" I was amazed by his activities on ebay, delcampe and even on some Gandhi philatelic items.!! Go back and look your collection and you will start feeling his presence and you will feel cheated too.!!

On October 2nd 2009,  United Nations issued $1 stamp of Mahatma Gandhi India issued 25 Rupees stamp and Croatia issued Mahatma Gandhi special cancellation  to celebrate to celebrate International Day of Non-Violence(IDNV).

As a daily routine to check on ebay what are new items in Gandhi Philatelic I saw a special Cancellation from Germany with  Gandhi Picture and Emblem of India which was selling for $100.!!! I was surprised by the price of this item as other 3 items related to IDNV was available very cheap(under $5). So I thought there  is something wrong  going on in this and I did my research. This was my turning point and I was surprised, shocked, amazed that upto what extend this hobby takes.!!! You can read this by clicking following link.

FAKE Gandhi postmark cancel from Germany on 2nd October 2009 ???

On April 3rd 2010 I created my own cover "Think Different : Gandhi and Apple" to celebrate First day of iPad.!!  Even though it was genuine cover and known owner, someone don't like what I am doing and started blaming me that this is insult to a great men, don't know how to affix stamps, how to cancel stamps etc. You can read this blog and comment by clicking following link. (Please make sure to read comment.!!)

"Think Different : Gandhi and Apple"

I am satisfied that my blog is helpings others. That was my mail goal to prevent this fradulent activities. It's ok I lost some money on my purchase of some stamps from Yemen, Somalia, Mauritius etc, lost huge money on Cameroun FDC , Nepal Indian Embassy Gandhi FDC etc and prevented other buyers from buying  some FAKE philatelic materials such as FFC, Special Cancellation, FAKE SPECIMEN etc.

Another interesting thing I noticed is that there are even FAKE comments on this blog.!! Readers are so afraid that they don't want to identified themselves  and they are requesting to do me research for them, write about special philatelic items, etc.!!!. They even open new gmail/google account in order to hide their identity. I am not sure why they are hiding it.!! I asked one of the comment writer to provide me his details such as address, phone #, etc so I can authenticate them ( I should know who are that people as from email I can't assume that they are real people) before I start my research on their questions or concerns about particular Gandhi  philatelic items. It's like giving your information to seller from you buy it from eBay. I can't write or work for someone if I don't know.!! Think what they never provided me their information. Is it not amazing.!!

I can write a lot about my experience, but you have my other 99 posts which will give you some idea and you will start thinking what are possibilities in Philatelic world and specially in Gandhi Philately.!!

But I achieved my main goal to get my son in philately world and now he is in.!! He saw my enthusiasm in collecting Gandhi philatelic material and writing me blog. He started collecting covers and postcards from different countries mail to his address (no buying, so no cheating.!!) and sending back them some interesting philatelic material to their address. He started even writing his own philatelic blog (usapostman.blogspot.com) and also he made his own website. (www.usapostman.com).!! Recently I mailed him one interesting cover with Gandhi stamps.!! It's worth seeing it.

Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can email me at ketankumar@gmail.com.


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