Monday, April 26, 2010

Gandhi stamp value declining.!! - Part 2 (Somalia Gandhi stamp and Yemen Gandhi stamp)

Hello Gandhi Collector,

It is a great news for new Gandhi Collector who want to start collecting Gandhi stamps because I am seeing Gandhi stamps value is really going down.
In January 2010 I wrote about Gandhi stamp value declining and I am writing part-2 about Gandhi Stamp value.
On April 23rd Gandhi stamp from Yemen sold for $3.50 & Gandhi 3 stamps from Somalia sold for $8.70 on ebay. Following is screen shot.

I bought Somalia & Yemen Gandhi stamps in January 2009 for $32.00. so I lost $20 which is 62%.!! During same time US stock market & 401k accounts went up by 40-50%.!! You might be thinking how in the world "Mr. Patel" paid this much!!. But I did as I was not aware about what's going on in Gandhi Philately.

Both transaction was from same seller "sedin01" from Isarel. (see at bottom of this blog post for more screen shot).
So this means that I lost money as well as this dealer"sedin01"also lost money(from profit) on this Gandhi stamps.
So again my questions are
1) Why price declining in Gandhi Stamps?
2) Is it temporary decline or forever.?
3) Or I paid more in Jan 2009? My answer is YES !! (Again My Experience)
4) Someone was/is playing with new Gandhi collectors (In this case it's me!!!)
5) What is real value of this stamps?
6) Are RESELLER of Gandhi stamps are more educated about bidding on Gandhi stamps? (Now they might be thinking what to do with this overpriced purchases.!!)
7) Do you think price will further decline and become just piece of paper instead of stamp?
I am not sure whether new collector will ever start collecting Gandhi stamps after reading this price declining in Gandhi stamps!! But I am sure by reading this blog post they will get some hint before they start collecting.
I am writing this because new collector as well as experienced collector should not go through this again.!!
Any comments or concerns are most welcome.

Ketankumar Patel.
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Following is bigger screen shot for more research.
1) My purchase in Jan 2009.

2) Following is Yemen & Somalia stamps sold on April 23rd 2010 for $3.50 & $8.20 which will combine $12.20

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