Friday, September 30, 2011

Gandhi Khadi Stamp - Gandhi Khadi 2011 Indipex Folder value (presentation pack) . It sold under face value!! Is it not amazing.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

You all know that how much collectors were eager to buy Gandhi Khadi stamp + folder in Feb. 2011. There were very big lines during exhibition to just get it. Collectors were trying to grab this Khadi stamp + folder even online by using multiple id in order to make a quick bucks.

The stamp made out of khadi was available online at the Indipex 2011 website where an individual can only order upto a maximum of 10 stamps. There was a long queue even for the online bookings during the first day of the exhibition.

But look at it what going on after 7 months. It is selling below face value of 250 Rupees. (under $6) even though it was printed 100,000 only.

I know it's limited quantity but it's still enough for everyone's need. Also this stamp will not be used in regular mail stream because stamp value is only 100 Rupees where as you pay 250 Rupees for this. So this will be only collectors item which will stay for ever.

My opinion for this kind of low return on investment is because of  original high face value(you are buying at high price). Look at 1995 Gandhi MS of Rupees 8 currently selling for 300-400 Rupees in just 16 years which is almost 40 times it's face value and I will be happy if we all can see this kind of return on this Khadi stamps even after 50 years!!

 Also compare to 1995 in 2011 there are lot more dealer and collector has bought it. Where as in 1995 less dealer/collector got this in hand as certain dealer/collector grab all the stock because of low investment.!!

So again I think Indian Post (Gov. of India) did excellent decision by keeping this price high.  Also I think India is booming so all collectors can afford this price and because of this it will keep tab in price as lot of collector has multiple in their collection including me.!!

This is the lowest price in last 7 months. It usually sells around 290 rupees but I think now collectors are losing patience of holding this high value investment. I think it's better to invest in smaller amount Gandhi stamps than big one like this.

I don't think this is for investment at all.

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Ketankumar Patel.
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