Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What is right Price of Indipex 2011 Mahatma Gandhi Khadi ( Presentation Pack) Miniature Sheet MS + Souvenir folder of ODD shaped stamp on cotton cloth like Kite shape.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently I saw Indipex 2011  Mahatma Gandhi Miniature Sheet + Souvenir Folder selling for 333 rupees i.e  $7-8 dollars. I can't believe this price for this ODD shaped stamp like Kite selling for $7.!!

Actually this is not a ODD shaped or not a Kite shape stamp, it is just square/diamond shape stamp on Miniature Sheet on Khadi cloth. It is a way of marketing this stamp to ODD thematic collectors.!! Also NO FDC was issued officially by India Post.

Following are 2 screenshot from ebay from which you can see what is the real price of this Mahatma Gandhi Indipex 2011 Miniature Sheet + Souvenir folder. It was sold for 7-8 dollars only.!!

Can't believe this that a very special stamp printed on cloth(first time in India) similiar to what Mahatma Gandhi used to make for himself by using spinning wheel is selling for $7-8  i.e. only 1-2$ above face value

Another thing I notice that this sheet don't have "EMBLEM OF INDIA" even though this is officially printed by Indian Government where as you will see this in common from other countries who printed Mahatma Gandhi stamp with Emblem of India because they want to sell there stamps.!!

I think this Miniature Sheet + Souvenir Folder will not demand premium for long time because of Indian Post (Government of India) handle this correctly. I think this time Indian Post Office became smarter by following way

1) Limiting only 10 per collectors/dealers. Still many got away with 100-500 or more by different address or by other ways but still many collectors/dealers have it in stock who have 10-20 so there will be future sale of this stamp sheet or folder as they will not see worth keeping it for ever to see huge return.

2) Another thing India Post did good thing is keeping price of 250 Rupees ($5.50) for Presentation Folder. Stamp value is 100 Rupees ($2.20) but you cannot buy it without Presentation Folder!!. Because of this collectors and dealers have limit to invest in one stamp. If price was 10-25 Rupees (20-50 cents) then collectors and dealers will accumulate lot because of low investment, all collectors around the world will have to pay high price for this item.

I know lot of collectors and dealers don't like this 250 rupees price tag but I think it is good for this hobby by keeping face value higher and limiting quantity to collector or dealers.

And because of this 2 reason, I think it will not appreciate very high for next 15-20 years or more as there will be enough for every Gandhi collectors as One hundred thousand was printed and I don't think there are 100K Gandhi Collectors!!!

Quantity mentioned above is incorrect. It is not 0.01 million but it is 0.1 million i.e 100,000 (hundred thousand) so this is NOT LIMITED quantity or RARE.

So enjoy this very beautiful Presentation Pack which include Miniature Sheet and Souvenir folder.

Also if you don't have this then wait and watch the price and buy it when you think Price is Right.  You might get it at face value as there will be no buyer when everyone will already have stock. If you don't want to wait then don't pay more than 7-8 dollars for this as there is enough for everyone.

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