Sunday, June 5, 2011

How price of Gandhi stamps or Philatelic materials are increased.!! Chile Mahatma Gandhi Stamp FFC related Football - Soccer World Cup 1974

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

I am surprised when I notice on ebay about price variation on recently sold  Chile 1974  "FFC Chile > Germany 1974 SOCCER-Sport-Gandhi, LH Expres Cvr"

Yesterday on June 4 above FDC was sold for $8.10 to "p***p (14)"and on April 10 it was sold for $3.80  to "r***3 (29)" and seller for both cover is "firstphila"

You will be thinking that's good ROI for buyer "r***3 (29)" who bought it at 3.80!! I think so.!!

But I notice the buyer who bought it for 3.80 was also second bidder (loser) on other one.

Looks like this second bidder "r***3 (29)" is new Gandhi collector from Surat (Rajesh Movaliya with id "srm2382" who is writing comments on this blog.!!

I am not sure why "r***3 (29)"  wants to buy it at higher price then he bought.!!.Also not sure why he wants to buy another one.!! as per him, he a new collector.  I will understand if he buys this cover if it is very cheap to trade or exchange with other collectors but by paying twice the amount which does not make sense.

But this is Gandhi Philately where some of the weirdess things are going on!!.

Also another buyer "p***p (14)" is new collector from Dubai and he also writes comments on this blog.  Not sure how many new collectors are joining Gandhi philately but this also surprise me.!!

Also 2 similar FFC were unsold on May 20 from UK seller "phil-centre" which were listed at "$29.45".!! and it is currently re-listed.!!

Let us know what do you think.!!


BTW : This is very interesting FFC for Gandhi collector. You can get more info about this FFC on blog post written by co-author of this blog Nikhil Mundra who is also owner of website. It's interesting to read about this FFC. Click following link to read his blog post.

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