Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chile 1974 Gandhi FFC

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

This post is about the Chile Lufthansa 1974 First Flight Cover (FFC) that features 2 Green Gandhi Chile (Ovpt.) stamps.

FFCs are issued when a new Flight Service is started between 2 places, or to commemorate a Special Flight. The covers are affixed with corresponding Airmail stamps, sent aboard flights, applied with the official delivery postmark, and then returned to the sender’s address. In most probability, the sender has an arrangement with the Airways or its branch at the Airport to return the covers to him safely. FFCs were produced in plenty by the German Airways Lufthansa, and also certain airlines in the USA.

There are some examples of FFCs being used with Gandhi stamps, but almost none of them have a direct thematic connection to Gandhiji. This above Chile FFC is an exception. This FFC was prepared in during the 1974 Football World Cup held in Germany, and was issued for the Flight which carried the Chilean National team to Frankfurt. Below featured Card was also issued for the same occasion:

What is interesting and little-known is that during his stay in South Africa, Mahatma Gandhi was closely associated with Football. In fact, Gandhi was the Manager of a Football club known as the “Passive Resisters”. Below is a photo showing Gandhi with his club members:

True to his ideals, the Mahatma educated the young club-members on the positives of non-violence, and also encouraged his team to use lesser aggression in their games during his half-time lectures.

Sadly, the club did not have a very long run, and in the absence of Gandhi, it closed in 1936.

Nikhil Mundra


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    Nice blog posts about this Chile FFC. Also recently there was earthquake in Chile.