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THE STATE EMBLEM OF INDIA & GANDHI Postcards and Postmark Cancel.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently I saw in philately world there is a great demand of official material and to supply this demand philatelic organisation all around world started using official/emblem of that counrty after getting permission from authorized countries. Today I am writing about "Emblem of India".

Above link will explain why it is ILLEGAL to use EMBLEM OF INDIA without permission of Goverment of India. Also it explain about penalty and fine for using illegally.!!

The State Emblem of India is an adaptation from the Sarnath Lion Capital of Emporer Ashoka, who ruled from 272 BC to 232 BC. It is preserved in the Sarnath Museum, near Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The Lion Capital has four lions standing back to back mounted on a circular abacus. The frieze of the abacus is adorned with sculptures in high relief of an elephant, a galloping horse, a bull and a lion separated by intervening Dharma Chakra (Wheels of Law). The abacus rests on a bell-shaped lotus.

The State Emblem is the official seal of India. As such, use of the State Emblem for official seal is restricted to the President, the Vice President, Union Ministers, Ministers and others Officers of the Central Government including diplomatic missions abroad, Governors, Lieutenant Governors, Chief Commissioners and Administrators of Union Territories and Ministers and departments and offices of the State governments and of Union Territory governments and administrations who have adopted the State Emblem. Offices of Central Government permitted to use distinct emblems of their own may, however, use the same in their seals.

The State Emblem, on demi-official stationery used by Ministers, when printed or embossed should appear on the top left hand corner in blue colour,. The lettering like "Home Minister" or "Ministry of Home Affairs" should appear on the top right hand corner. The demi-official stationery used by officers should be embossed or printed in red colour except when an officer is specifically authorised to use such stationery in some other colour. Names of officers, however, should not be printed on such stationery.

The Members of Parliament may have the State Emblem embossed or printed on their stationery. The colour to be used for the purpose in the case of the Members of the Lok Sabha is green and red for the Members of the Rajya Sabha. Such stationery when supplied by the Chief Controller of Printing and Stationery, does not contain the names or addresses of the Members. But the Members may, at their discretion get such stationery, with their names and addresses printed at private presses approved for this purpose by the Government of India in the Ministry of Urban Development.

Where the stationery used by the Members of Parliament, contains the State Emblem it should not bear words like "Advocate, Supreme Court/High Court" and "Editor…..Journal", below their names in the letter-heads.

The Members of Legislative Assemblies of Union Territfories and the Members of Metropolitan Council of Delhi may have the State Emblem embossed or printed on their stationery. The stationery containing the State Emblem, however, should not bear words like "Advocate, Supreme Court/High Court" and "Editor…..Journal", below their names in the letter-heads.
The State Emblem shall not be used for any trade or profession or in the title of any patent, or in any trade mark or design except in such cases and under such conditions as may be prescribed by the Central Governments under Section 3 of The Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950. Unauthorised use of the Emblem for such purposes is an offence under the Act.
Private persons, bodies of persons and sports associations are not permitted to use the State Emblem on their letter-heads, seats, crests, badges, house flags or for any other purpose except with the permission of the Government.(PIB Features)

Above Postcard is from Croatia with GANDHI postmark cancel issued on Oct 2nd 2009 has "EMBLEM OF INDIA". This is legal as it was issued in presence of Indian Consulate Officer from Embassy of India in Croatia. Also he attended this stamp exhibition.

This was issued during philatelic exhibition tribute to Gandhi from 30.9. to 30.10.2009. in Zagreb at HT Museum. It was exhibit of Mr. Ole-Fredrik Olsen from Norway. Above photo is from opening ceremony ( from left to right : Ivan Libric, president of Croatian Philatelic Federation; Mrs Dunja Radosevic, Director of Museum; Mr. Suresh C. Khurana, Embassy of India; Interpreter; Mr. Ole-Fredrik Olsen philatelist from Norway). This makes that this postcard was issued officially with STATE EMBLEM OF INDIA.

On the postcards are coats of arms of the Croatian Philatelic Federation, OFFICAL EMBLEM OF INDIA provided by Embassy of India and Association Lotos Zagreb. Text on postcard is in Croatian language: Days of Mahatma Gandhi - and "My life - my message".

So to all my fellow collectors if you are buying any postcards, postmark cancellation or any other philatelic material make sure it is offically issued by Indian Goverment or Indian Goverment has given Permission to use that.

Please beware of greedy dealer/reseller who are trying to abuse Gandhi Philatelic collection by creating unbelievable philatelic material.

Let me know if any quesitons or concerns. Any comments or further research on this topic is most welcome.


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