Thursday, March 25, 2010

Germany special Gandhi Postmark Cancel or Gandhi Rubber Stamp?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently I saw one more Gandhi Special Postmark Cancel from Germany. Thank God this one don't have Emblem of India.

This postmark cancel is different than which was for sale on ebay with Gandhi picture & Emblem of India with CDS of 2nd October 2009. But there are some similarities between this 2 postmark cancel.
1) Picture of Gandhi on postmark cancel.
2) Address (Town) on cover.
3) And lot more..........

It's amazing.!!

Following is the cover which has GANDHI special postmark cancel with CDS of May 6-10, 2009. Seems to me that India is welcoming this stamp exhibition at IBRA(Internationale Briefmarken-Ausstellung) 2009 in ESSEN, Germany. Name & Address is white-out is from this cover by me. If you want to do more research on this I can provide full scan.

After looking in to details on this cover it has 5 Rupees Stamp from India. Which is not sufficient/correct postage required for International mail by Indian post in 2009.
I have following questions about above Gandhi Postmark cancel.

1) What to do with Gandhi and this exhibition(expo) in Germany?
2) Is this offical cancel from IBRA with cachet of stamp exhibition?
3) Which philatelic society of India is Greeting this Exposition?
4) Do Indian Postal Service or Indian Goverment greets this exhibition?
5) Do Indian Embassy in Germany knows about it?
6) It has orange barcode so do you think it is commerical used (with insufficent postage)?
7) If commerically used than how it is valid with Indian stamp or only Indian stamp on cover?
8) Why Indian stamp on German Expo (IBRA) cover? Not sure whether this cover is mailed from India or Germany?

After thinking answers for all above questions, Will you consider this as Special Postmark Cancel or Special Rubber stamp?

Unless I don't get sufficent proof of this cancel, I will call it as Special Rubber stamp.!! Like my kids play with rubber stamps of butterfly, flowers, rainbow, princesses, disney characters etc. This is my personal opinion for this Gandhi Special Rubber Stamp because it is very hard for me to think as Special Postmark Cancel.

After researching for previous Gandhi Postmark Cancel from Germany, I can do research on this myself so I did not contacted Deutsche Post. If someone has contact with IBRA I would like to get more info on this if possible.

This postmark cancel is not as per design guidelines of Deutsche(German) Post. Following are links from Deutsche Post for special cancellation requirements. Check it out for more information.

1) Postal stamp with self promotion used for special anniversary or memorial event.
Sonderstempel used for anniversary, festivals, fairs and exhibition.

There is a huge difference in design requirement of this cancel compare to 2nd October 2009 cancel where only POSTHORNS were missing in the postmark cancel.
I think artist/creator of this postmark cancel learned from previous mistakes and make neccesary improvement in next release (bug fix for computer industries) but still there are more bugs.!! Next time they need to fix Gandhi Photo on the cancel so it looks completely different.!!
Why Germany?
According to me something is going on like Germany's BLUM Forgery so Gandhi collectors need to be aware of this kind of activities as currently we see it from Germany than we might see from other countries like it happen in 1969. Also World is very small now compare to 1969 so it is easy to keep your eyes open and you will see something not only in Rubber stamps but also how philatelic material prices are increased by collectors, dealers and reseller.

Let us know if you have more information about this Rubber stamp so we can change it to Postmark cancel. But I think it is a Rubber stamp.!!!

And also Christian Sperber thinks so. You can read his comments by clicking following link.

Again thanks for reading this blog post and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


On side note:-

Why collectors, dealers, resellers try to make Gandhi Postmark(rubber stamp) cancel. I am not sure what they are trying to do or prove by making this cancellation and why collectors buy them!!

One think is sure that someone wants to make money and someone wants to make their collection unique by buying expensive Rubber Stamps and win awards.!! But what we are trying to do is that we are not following the principles laid down by Gandhi.

Also it is easier and less expensive to make this kind of Rubber Stamp as no special equipment is need. So I guess greedy collectors and dealers try to take benefit!!

If someone wants to really show their art & creativity than they can start making use of personalized stamps with Gandhi theme, which is also cheap and easy to do. Also this is legal in certain countries so need to worry.


  1. Dear Ketan,
    This is in reference to your Germany Gandhi postmark.You have put 8 ouestions in your blog.I can help you answering the last three questions.As far as the first five questions are concerned I do not know the exact answers but i can lead you to the right person who can answer these.He is one of the oldest and largest for world new issue in germany and he is also the postal agent for indian new issues.He is Herman E. Sieger GmbH Germany.
    Now comming to the last three questions.It has the correct postage rate, a german stamp Rose of 55 cents is put on it with special exhibition cancellation for the domestic use in germany.The indian stamp must be put on it as the fee for the gandhi exhibition cancellation which was being done on the stall of M/S Sieger.The combination of these two stamps make it unique but not questionable.How many covers have you ever seen with with two country stamps?
    If you would like to see the german exhibition cancellation which is can not be seen clearly on the cover because of coloured logo background,I also have it on the plain cover,I can send it to you.Being a passionate gandhi collector I make such covers for myself and to gift it to my indian phelatallic friends,and if someone decides to sell it It´s not my problem.

  2. Hello Rajesh,

    Sorry for late reply as I was busy in other stuff.

    Thanks for your input on this blog. I really appreciate your reply.

    I can see German stamp and postmark cancel in background.

    I will let readers decide about this cover and other 5 questions as it will be very hard to find all the information unless someone has time to dig more into this unless M/S Sieger reads about this and reply to it.

    Thanks for info about cancellation done on the stall of M/S Sieger but this is like I make rubber stamp and start using in my store or in my kids classroom teacher start using rubber stamp like "great job" etc. I think this rubber stamp should be "M/S Seiger greets IBRA" instead of "INDIA" because no Indian goverment offical is involved.

    I learned one thing from your reply that don't send a gift to philatelic friends as sometimes they might create problem.

    Ketan Patel.

  3. where do gandhi ji stamp sold other than india...