Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gandhi Personalised stamp

What is Personalised stamp?
As name indicate it is personal stamp which anyone can make it " Create your own stamp". This is offered by some of the countries like USA, UK, Belgium, Iran, Nederland etc. Some countries allow label(e.g UK) with there stamp and others allow stamp directly(e.g. Netherlands,USA)

Why Personalised stamp?
This stamp is for fun to celebrate certain special event or function in someone's family such as birthday, marriage, new arrival etc.

Why Gandhi Personalised stamp?
To make MONEY.!! As there is not enough Gandhi philatelic material to collect when you compare to other thematic collection such as birds/flowers/animals/sports etc so now a days individuals are coming up with a great new idea of making personalised stamp of Gandhi and creating different postal material such as FDC, used covers etc

What is philatelic value of thie personalised stamp?
Nothing.!! ( This is just my opinion). According to me there is no limit of this personalised stamps. If there is huge demand of that stamp than it can be reprinted. Also there is no authority to control this so in future I can also print it with any topic related to Gandhi. This is like making a rubber stamp.!!

In past stamp dealer were printing out stamps from smaller countries and flooded the market, now everyone can print there own stamps.!!

What are other possibilites of this personalised stamps?
There are chances that in future someone will come up with some offending stamps with Gandhi pictures or his principles which he follow throughout his life.

Recently I read article that someone in USA came up with stamp of HINDU GOD and which is offending to all Hindu people around the world and there is no way to stop them.!! You can check following link for this article.

Now it's upto collector to decide what they want to collect and what they do want to do with their collection. Also it's upto collector how much value this personalised stamp is.

Following are some of the personalised stamp and FDC. I don't own any of those.
Gandhi Personalised sheet from England which is selling for 100+ dollars.

Following is 6 Gandhi Personalised stamp from Iran which is selling around 10+ US dollars.
Following is FDC of personalised stamp from Australia which mentioned about Gandhi's Death Anniversary but the postmark date is incorrect and selling for about 10+ US dollars.

There are more personalised stamp but I am just uploading 3 as sample.

This personalised stamp is very easy to make. Just go to any countries postal service website and see whether they are offering service to Create your own stamp. If they than just click the link, upload any free Gandhi picture and write anything on it and order it by paying and than start selling on ebay or delcampe and you will make 3 to 5 times profit. More reading about personalised stamp at
Thanks for reading and all comments are welcome.

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