Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gandhi Stamp exhibit donation at Mani Bhavan, Mumbai

By Ketankumar Patel.
Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently I went to India and I got chance to visit 2 residence of Gandhiji. Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad and Mani Bhavan in Mumbai. After visiting this 2 places my respect for Gandhiji is more than ever. His simplicity and true dedication for people of India touched me.

I was also suprised to see Gandhi Stamp exhibit at Mani Bhavan. This exhibit is in displayed in the entrance of the building which give glimpse of Gandhi's life and one of the most famous face on stamp in philatelic world.
This exhibit was given gift to Mani Bhavan by Harjeet Singh so all visitor can see what other countries has done for this great Man.
Following are some of the pictures taken by my during visit of Gandhi's Mumbai house.

I am impressed by Mr. Harjeet Singh and his respect & passion about Gandhi. According to me he is one of the GREATEST Gandhi philatelic collector as he showed unselfishness by donating his entire collection to Mani Bhavan. By doing this he showed that he just did not collect Gandhi Philatelic material but also follow his principle of unselfishness by putting his country first than himself.

Future reading about Mani Bhavan
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