Monday, February 15, 2010

Gandhi 1969 Germany FDCs

Hello Gandhi collectors,

Today’s blog-post has an overview of the various FDCs prepared for the Gandhi Germany stamp (2nd October 1969).

As you know, Germany had been one of the most violent nations during the World Wars, especially during Hitler’s regime. After their defeat at the hands of the USA led forces, Germany had to forego its arms and had to pay a huge sum in lieu of its war excesses. All these factors led to Germany getting transformed into a peaceful nation which started to focus on rebuilding its economy.

It was thus no surprise that Germany decided to join various nations in honouring Mahatma Gandhi, the Apostle of Peace, on his birth centenary (2nd October 1969) by issuing a commemorative stamp. With a denomination of 20 Deusche Mark (the foreign airmail rate at that time), the single green coloured stamp looked pretty ordinary.

What perhaps made up for this simplicity were the various First Day Covers (FDCs) prepared for this Gandhi issue. These FDCs were prepared by various philatelic organizations, publishers and dealers. Given below are scans of the different FDCs for the German Gandhi issue (upto the best of my knowledge):

The last FDC has been postmarked on a later date (26th October), and I am on the lookout for a copy postmarked on the issue date.

This is on the lines of the multitude of FDCs prepared for the set of 2 Gandhi stamps issued by USA on 26th January 1961 under the series “Champions of Liberty”. Personally, I find the German FDCs much more colourful and attractive when compared to the ones from USA. UK and Suriname also have various FDCs for their Gandhi issues.

As I mentioned, the above list might not be exhaustive. If anyone has come across any other variety of FDC issued to commemorate the Germany Gandhi Centenary stamp, please keep us informed.


Nikhil Mundra (15/02/2010)


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  1. This is a very informative blog.

    I request fellow collectors and dealers to let us know if you have any information at to who issued or printed these private covers to complete the study.