Saturday, February 27, 2010

How to create Gandhi Error stamps

Hello Gandhi Philatelic Collectors,

I was looking for Gandhi error stamp for my collection to make unique than all of you !! and I was surprised how many Gandhi Error stamps are available in market today.

Now first let talk about types of error in stamps. There are different types of errors in stamp whiile printing or designing and the errors are Design error, Value error, Omission error, Invert error, Color error, Paper error, Imperforate error and others.

But in Gandhi stamps I only found 2 types of error.

1) Imperforate error (Perforations are missing or incorrect)
2) Color error (Stamp is printed in the wrong color)

As we can understand that Imperforate error are genuine error as it was due to human or machine error while imperforating the stamp sheet in the machine. So I will only discuss about color (faded) error.

But about the color error I was little bit curious about it so I went to stamp show and ask one of the expert and he explained me about what's going on with this COLOR error stamp. I also did my own research on this topic and I was surprised how easy is to CREATE ERROR STAMP.

1) By keeping certain part of stamp in Sunlight for few days
2) By using bleach on stamp

3) God knows....

Following are some of the example of Gandhi color error stamp. I am not sure whether this is printing machine issue or man made by exposing various methods to do it. It's upto collector to judge this stamps before they buy or use some experts help(not me.!!).

Check some of the amazing FAKE color error stamps. It's worth to look and understand what is and can be possible. (FAKE error stamps) (REAL error stamps)

After looking at above website What do you think about this Gandhi Color errors?

If not sure than try it out. It's not that hard. Just waste 2-3 stamps and you will get error Gandhi stamps.

Tips for spotting FAKE error stamps

Now let's talk about REAL Gandhi stamp error.

Look at following block of Gandhi Hungary Stamp. This is the REAL (Genuine) color error stamp in which color(black) itself is missing and because of that you can't see other letters on the stamps. This is not a example of faded color error but it's REAL.

This Hungary Gandhi stamp is the genuine color (missing) error which was sold on ebay for 1246 US $. Also you can find more info about this in Maulik's blog post by clicking following link.

Let me know if any questions or concerns and if you have any other information than please share with all Gandhi collectors around the world.

Thanks for reading.

Ketankumar Patel.
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  1. Hello Gandhi Collectors,

    I got one email from very educated philatelist and he explained me about Gandhi Hungary Stamp/block with missing black color.

    According to him this is not an ERROR but it is WASTE while printing to verify the proof. Some greedy person took it from garbage. If you know how printing is done than you will know that paper(sheet) is send 2-3 times or more to printing machine depending on color combination. So this kind of sheet are not error but it is waste.

    So that block or stamp with missing black color on Germany is not an ERROR.

    Let me know if any questions or concerns.