Monday, March 9, 2009

Gandhi 1969 - One Of A Kind - Hungary - Imperforate used on cover

To commemorate the centenary of Birth of Gandhi, Hungary was one of the countries that had issued a postage stamp on Gandhi.

The attached example is rare usage of the imperforate on cover. The stamp itself is quite common and does not command a premium unlike the one from Germany. One can buy this stamp of ebay for less than US $10.

This cover recently appeared in an auction in Hungary and sold for approx US$ 400.

Priced on a moderately higher side, but a unique cover that could be very nice to have in one's collection.

Update: 03/15/09.

It seems there is only one sheet of 60 error stamps known to exist. This is the only known use on a cover which is extremely rare. Recently a certified copy of the error stamp showed up on ebay for Euros 2222.22 which is about US $2685.00

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