Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mahatma Gandhi Stamp Value is on decline again - 1968 Cameroun Gandhi ( Cameroon Ghandi ) FDC

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

You all saw what is the price of Mahatma Gandhi 1968 FDC from Cameroun sold on Delcampe. It was sold for $91 which means that Gandhi Stamp/Philately PRICE IS ON DECLINE.

This is how it is sold in last 3 years.

4/26/2008 --- $294
3/09/2009 --- $266 ($150) (my purchase, how I was fooled.!!)
3/07/2010 --- $214
5/14/2010 --- $179
????          --- $120-150
1/28/2011 --- $112
5/31/2011 --- $91

I think this are still INFLATED price of Cameroun Gandhi FDC. ( Cameroon Ghandi FDC )
I think this is also on high because there are 2000 total (and not sure there are total 2000 Gandhi collectors who can afford this.) so my guess is next time it will go under $75-80. Let's see what happens in future when someone from France will sell this FDC.

Now if you see closely top 3 bidders then you will notice that these are dealers/reseller who already have 3-6 FDC or more  in their stock. Some of them bought very cheap from dealer/reseller from France and some even paid high price also so in order to keep the price up they are bidding on this item. They generally auction this FDC around $299-499.!!

This time if you see all 3 of them try to bid at last moment where as if you see previous bidding (look at my previous blog post about this) then they start bidding  initially to make price high. Click this link and you will find same bidders who are bidding on this also. This time they really want to buy this at cheap price.!! & want to sell it to us in future at higher price by offering same FDC with different id,  from different country etc.

Now it's up to all Mahatma Gandhi Collectors to decide how we can stop this or prevent this kind of activity. I leave it up to you to decide what you need to do.!! 

But we all know what  are Mahatma Gandhi's Principles  "Boycott" and "Passive Resistant" and we all can try his principles and let's see what happens to this FDC in future.!!

I think price will eventually fall for this 2000 FDC which will come out of closet from FRANCE, same way currently from Lativa or Germany we can see  Nicragua OVERPRINT stamp of Gandhi with Eistein series or Nicragua Gandhi with TajMahal. once certain collectors/dealers/reseller will buy it to average their buying price. But they still regret as more and more this stamps are coming in market as price of this Overprint stamps are coming down.

I still have mine which I bought it for $150. so I lost $60 in 2 years (40% + interest)!! If there was enough information like this blog I will never buy this.!! Just keep patience and you will get it cheap in next couple of years. It's just matter of time. You can still exhibit with other countries FDC and it's not a great point that you don't have this FDC.

Let us know what you think about this Mahatma Gandhi Cameroun FDC. 


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