Thursday, June 30, 2011

What a difference in price of Panama Gandhi stamp. What a Price decline in a very short time.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Why we are seeing steep difference in Gandhi Philately. Following is one example of Panama 1971 Gandhi stamp.

On 6/28/11 Panama Gandhi stamp was sold for 71.

On 6/8/11 similar stamp was sold for $137.

So now I am not sure what is the Right Value of this stamp. Is it 71 or 137?

But I will only buy this when it is selling for cheap i.e. about 15-20$, but still it will be very high price for artificially increased  price by getting all stamps from the market in 1971 from a very small country and we all are chasing for this or getting trapped or fooled. It's up to us to decide!!

I think price will go down one day, when original accumulator (not collector) will don't have control of it. Same way we are seeing this in Nicaragua Gandhi & TajMahal Stamp sheet, Overprint Gandhi stamps from Cameroon, Nicaragua, Togo etc.

Ketankumar Patel
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