Friday, June 3, 2011

FAKE FFC flown in Airbus A380 with Mahatma Gandhi USA stamp from New York to Frankfurt, Germany in First Flight.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently I saw New York to Frankfurt FFC with Gandhi USA 4 cents stamps flown by Lufthansa in new Airbus A380. I only have issue with  date on cancellation & special postmark Cancellation from New York.

Special Cancellation on both cover is not as per USPS standard.

On cancellation date stamp it is Feb 18, 2011  but has also another rubber stamp which indicates that first flight operated on Feb 28, 2011.

So how this is FFC if the cancellation on stamp has CDS 2 weeks in advance.!!

Lufthansa was officially landed on JFK airport for first time  on February 28th at 2:00pm. (Technically 2nd time. First time was in 2007 during test run.). And I believe it was flown back to Frankfurt on same day which is Feb 28.

As per my  research about FFC the date on cancellation should be date of First Flight departure from that particular airport so it should be Feb 28 not Feb 18.!!

After doing some research I don't find any information from USPS about this type of special cancellation just for First Flight Lufthansa from New York Post Office.

Looks like this is rubber stamp not postmark cancellation from USPS because postmark is not as per USPS standard special cancellation. ( I know this because I recently worked with USPS to make one for 50th Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi USA stamp, I will scan this and blog  in near future.)

Again if maker/seller of this cover has proof  such as email correspondence of application, approval etc please provide us so we can modify this blog post and also I might think about buying it. I am looking for Postmark Cancellation from United States Post Office, New York, NY.

Looking for 2 things about this FFC.

1) Why date is different on CDS and flight flown.
2) Proof of Cancellation is not as per USPS standard.

I will call this as  FAKE FFC or and if I don't want to call FAKE then I might come up with new thematic collection "Advance FFC"  or "Future FFC".!!.

Anyone has more info then please comment on this


BTW: It's good that creator of this FFC  specify about the actual date of First Flight. There is no way to find First Flight dates of 1961, 1969, 1970 , 1985 covers unless you go through archives in library.

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While researching on this German Cancel I found very interesting material related to Germany postmark handstamp forgery.
It is very important to read before you buy any Gandhi related material from Germany including this as well as other FFC available from that country.

Following link will display more than 650 FAKE postmark handstamp. You can see by clicking following link and than choose the first alphabet of German city.[showUid]=90

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