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Gandhi Philately 100th Blog post.!! What is Gandhi Stamp Value ? Does it make sense to Invest in Gandhi stamps.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

This is 100th blog posts on Gandhi Philately Study Circle Blog since started  in Feb 2009 by Maulik Thakkar. I think this is one of the unique Blog mainly focused only on Mahatma Gandhi  thematic collection.

This Thematic Blog present research on wide varieties of Gandhi Stamps, FDC, FFC, Used Covers, Unique Philatelic Material, Pictorial Cancellation, Unique Cancellation, FAKE philatelic cancellation, Forgery of Philatelic items,  Events Covers, Shill Bidding, etc associated with Mahatma Gandhi.

We  hope that this blog posts are helping all of you to make decision what to collect,  how to avoid certain stamps, covers, FFC, FDC,  Sellers, some unique Gandhi Philatelic items, FAKE Gandhi Cancellation, Possible Forgery of Gandhi Philatelic materials etc. by sharing our experience. 

Also this blog will be a good reference material for future Mahatma Gandhi collectors who will aware of all kind of activities in Gandhi Collection before they start. By reading this they will encourage to collect Mahatma Gandhi Philatelic items and they all can proudly collect and spread the message of a Great Soul.(Mahatma).

Now let's research about Gandhi Stamp Value.

I know you all might have following Gandhi stamps in your collection but this is blog post is for future new Gandhi collectors.

Above 12 stamps are very colorful from 9 different countries which are Brazil, Hungary, Chile, Tanzania, Guyana, Senegal , Morocco, Nevis & Ireland. Most of this stamps were issued in 1969 which is almost 40+ years.

But all this stamps were UNSOLD for $12 and now it for resale again at $13.!!!   Look at following screen shot of this Gandhi stamp value and it's amazing that same stamps are sold by 2 different sellers.!!

As I mentioned before that you can find MNH Gandhi Stamps any time as there are NO RARE stamps. It is made RARE by certain dealers who try to profit out of it.

So who ever bought this stamps 40 years ago and preserve this very nicely in album can't sell for $12 from 9 different countries.

 In past we saw GANDHI DU CAMEROUN 2 STAMP 1969  sold for $2-3,  Gandhi SOMALIA 3 STAMPS 1969 sold for $3-4  and GANDHI SYRIAN TWO STAMPS 1969 sold for $1-2.

As I mentioned in my previous blog posts that Gandhi stamps are not for Investment. Now it's up to you to think whether Gandhi stamps make sense for Investment.!!!

You can also read my another blog post about Mahatma Gandhi Stamp - Is it for Investment ?

I know by writing this kind of information I am decreasing my own collection value, but it's OK to let other's new emerging  collectors what is True value of Gandhi  Stamp Collection instead of just using other technique to increase the prices.!!

Another example of same philatelic material sold by 2 different id.  Sellers are "sanu108" and "405940"

Following 3 covers from Suriname, Zambia and Costa Rica were on auction by 2 different sellers.!!!

Also Covers from Zambia and Costa Rica needs more research because CDS is unclear and not sure about postage rates at that time. So stay away from any Gandhi USED covers as it's a big scam going on.!!!

But looking all screen shot it looks like all  3 sellers id's is from same ebay seller.!!

"10saki88" , "sanu108" and  "405940" .!!

And might be more.!! 

I hope you got my point.

Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. hi , see dampener-gandhi reg cover of Poland -this is a fake cover some one mail me for that and save me from trap . see large picture .