Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Special Cancellation issued on 50th Anniversary of USA Mahatma Gandhi Stamp

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Sorry for writing late on this 50th Anniversary Special Cancellation because I have to scan this. (as I can't get screen shot from EBay)!!

As all of you know that I write my opinion and investigation about Fake Special Cancellation of Mahatma Gandhi issued by different countries as well as regular post office cancellation on Mahatma Gandhi Philately material.

 And as I  THINK DIFFERENT (look my other Think Different Cover) then others so I thought why not have a Genuine Special Cancellation of Mahatma Gandhi from USA and I worked on it to make it possible.

Don't try to criticize (same way like my previous Think Different Cover) that stamps on it are not straight,  extra postage, rectangle cancel instead of fancy or circular, it has multiple cancellation by machine,  hand postmark cancel & special cancellation, too big cancellation, no respect for Mahatma Gandhi by cancelling on face etc. Only thing is to make sure that Cancellation is Genuine and Officially issued by USPS as per their rules and regulation.

USA was 2nd country in world to issue Mahatma Gandhi stamp after India. On January 26th 1961 USA issued 120 million 4 cents stamp and 40 million 8 cents honoring Mahatma Gandhi with other Champions of Liberty series stamps.

On January 26th 2011, it was 50th Anniversary of USA Gandhi Stamp. So I decided to honored Mahatma Gandhi 50th Anniversary of USA Mahatma Gandhi Stamp by issuing Pictorial Cancellation. I worked with USPS Fremont, CA and make this possible.

I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY and CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC of this special cancellation so collectors don't need to waste time in investigation whether this is Genuine or Fake or possible forgery like I and Maulik have to weed out that from Germany, Nepal, Burma, Fiji, Czech Republic, Luxembourg etc.

It is mailed to my address by Certified mail. Also this special pictorial cancellation was designed by me and  issued(made) Officially by USPS, Fremont, CA.  

I have all paper work and email communications with USPS post office.

This Special cancellation is rectangle shape (as per USPS guidelines and rules) which has
1) Picture of Medal of Mahatma Gandhi taken from USA Gandhi Stamp.
2) Description "Celebrating 50th Anniversary USA Mahatma Gandhi Stamp 1961-2011"
3) Station Name: Mahatma Gandhi Station
4) Date and Place of Issue : January 26, 2011, Fremont,CA 94539
5) Mahatma Gandhi Quotes :" Be the change that you want to see in the world"

Very limited quantity  cover were made by me with this special cancellation on 26th January 2011(Very Rare than 10 Rupees Gandhi Service Stamp!!!!)  and  I will be mailing this cover to my philatelic friends so please write a comment when you received this cover.

This special cancellation covered were mailed from 2 different post office from Fremont. (94539 & 94537). You can see this on Certified label. And one of them has machine cancellation also from Oakland, CA with date Jan 26 and time PM. Only 2 certified covers were mailed and other cover were regularly postal stream mailed (cost cutting & don't need to prove that it was officially stamped because I am taking Full responsibility) and some of them were just stamped with special cancellation without postal stream so it will remain clean without any barcode and also remain in good condition.

It is lot of work to make this Officially USPS special cancellation cover as it requires
1) To design special cancellation as per USPS guidelines, standard, rules and regulations. (lot of requirements)
2) Submit USPS  Application for Special Cancellation 10 weeks in advance.!!
3) Work and Followup for approval and pay certain fees if applicable.
4) Design Cover and Print it  (this is too much work too!!)
5) Affix stamp (specially old gummed one!!)
6) Getting Special Cancellation
7) Get hand postmark cancel of post office of same date.
8)  Wait to get in mail to see how it looks an d be happy or regret of sending in a mail.!!
9) Enjoy and be proud that you did it.

Now I wonder why collectors/dealers comes out with all kind of FAKE items. It is lot of work for Genuine work.

This experience helps me to find different FAKE FFC with special cancellation because of all standard requirement by USPS to make special cancellation.

But making this as per rules and regulation and by using right address I don't have to use Fake mailing addresses, Fake identity on ebay to sell or need help of philately friends to sell this covers and try to hide it. When I was little I was taught that one lie will make you speak other lie and eventually you will get caught.!!

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestion, advice and/or criticism then please write your comments  in this blog post  or use Contact US form on top or  you can write me email.

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Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Ketankumar Patel.

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  1. sir
    i read this article and was of great interest to me for following facts
    1. your dedication to subject
    2. your efficiency in getting a genuine gandhi cancellation
    3. but why very few and deliberately making it rare than 10 rs service stamp?
    4. why deny other gandhi collectors of such genuine item?
    5. dont you feel you are moving away from what you prophecise?


  2. Hello Dr. Vamsi,

    Please don't call us Sir.!! We also work for living like you.

    I got your previous comment you made through Contact Us form and I was going to write you as soon as I will get enough time to make decision on it.

    Now you wrote comment on the blog post so I thought let me write it.

    Thanks for compliments about Dedication to Subject and for Genuine Gandhi Cancellation.

    Of course this is Rare as it is private item made by myself. As you know that philately is not my main job I don't have time to make it in large quantity. Also I don't have time to even mail this item if I sell it to you. But I think I have enough for some of us which I will try to make available to how ever is interested with correct information when I will have some time.

    Now regarding 10 Rupees Service was made by Government of India with help of other philatelic collectors. It's Government job to print enough and make it available to everyone. Do you think I have to do it for everyone.!!

    Also I don't know you as you never contacted us before. So I am not sure who you are. I don't see any comments made by you on this blog.

    But I promise you that I will make it available to everyone if possible and you will get one to buy it.

    Again Thanks Dcotor for your comment and you have my email so you can write it to me.

    Ketankumar Patel.

  3. Do you have spare material on Gandhi USA cancellation as shown in your write up
    If yes are u selling the same and at what price
    I am interested

    Achyut Inamdar
    mail id: