Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gandhi Khadi Indipex 2011 Miniature Sheet + Presentation folder - Gandhi Stamp Value

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

I am surprised by current selling price of Gandhi Khadi Indipex 2011 Miniature Sheet + Presentation folder. On ebay India it sold for 270 Rupees.!!! (less than $6!!). 

This is unbelievable as face value of this Miniature Sheet + Presentation folder is 250 Rupees.!! According to me seller is loosing money on following transaction as he/she has to pay for ebay fees + Paisa Pay fees etc.

Following screen shot will show you what is the selling price of Gandhi Khadi Indipex 2011 MS + Presentation Pack which is also selling as high value ODD Gandhi Stamp on piece of cloth with very very RARE.only 10000 printed but actually it is 100000 printed.!! So it is enough for everyone's needs whether it is for Gandhi Collectors or Odd shaped stamp Collectors or cloth stamp collectors.

If you see  there is no buyer at price of 290 Rupees!! I think someone bought this MS + folder for quick profit but it does not work. Some of the buyer might regret investing in this RARE Miniature Sheet.!!

So now you have to decided what is right price of this MS + Presentation Folder.

Ketankumar Patel.

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