Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bhutan Gandhi Stamp Value - Why you will quit Gandhi Philately or Stamp Collections - Part-1

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently we got some comments on our blog and we notice that lot of collectors quit Gandhi Philately because they were trapped by some commonly available items at very high price or some FAKE items at high price.  So I decided let me write up about this.

Following will explain you why you will QUIT Stamp collecting or Gandhi Philatelic items.

In 1972 Bhutan issued Plastic stamp set of 6 famous people including Gandhi. It's price should be under $5. Also you can buy FDC with Gandhi Stamp for around 8-15$.

Look at following screen 2 screen shot and you will find out what a different way of selling. So again do your research before you buy. Don't just buy it otherwise you will also quit this hobby.!!

You can see One seller  (rajsukhani) is selling for $175 and other seller (philimpex)  is selling under $5.!! Look at shipping charges $6.50 and $2 also and also take a note of feedback of both seller. Rajsukhani has 1720 where as Philimpex is 8800+. I hope this will explain you.!!

OMG.!! what a difference in price.!!

Also look at the RETURN Policy of both seller.!! Rajsukhani don't want to accept return after selling at 175$ where as Philimpex will accept return after selling you at $5 (3500% lesser value than Rajsukhani).

So you decided from whom to buy in future, from which country to buy, from how many feedback seller you need to buy etc.If you keep this in mind then you will stay in stamp collecting hobby otherwise you will regret.

So think what if you had bought this for $175.!! You will quit this hobby soon and curse this hobby!!!

Click this link and  look for just 2 things (Seller Feedback, Seller Country ) and you should know from where and whom you should buy Gandhi Stamps or any Philately material.

So Think Think Think before you jump on any thing you buy it on ebay or delcampe. There are people who are waiting for you.!!

I think it is up to all fellow collectors to motivate new collectors by raising awareness about things going on in Philatelic world such as your experience, inflated prices, common stuff to look around etc. And now a days it's easy to spread your word by blogging it or by facebook page etc same way sellers are trying to cheat by creating multiple accounts and start increasing price of their items.

If you are cheated or feels cheated then spread the word so someone else can be saved. That's what I am doing it since last 2 years.!!

Ketankumar Patel.
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