Monday, August 29, 2011

What a difference in 1948 Gandhi Stamp Value - Gandhi Stamps is really for Investment.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

To understand properly about this blog post please read my previous previous blog post written in May 2011 about "Nepal Indian Embassy Mahatma Gandhi 1948 Cover (FDC) with 1.5 Anna Gandhi stamp". In this blog post you can see there were 12-13 buyers out of which I question 50% buyer ebay id !!!

Last week on ebay buyer "e***p (559)" aka "Speedbird1*"  won  Nepal Indian Embassy Mahatma Gandhi 1948 Cover for just $37. !!

Don't know why buyer paid $37 for this.!!

Incredible price compare to previous auction.!! One of the lowest I have ever seen in last 3 years.

What a Great value compare to previous auction in April 2011 and what a loss on Investment by "srm2382" & "adianil".

Both this ebay bidders bought Nepal Gandhi Cover in April for whooping $155. Really feel sorry for them if  it is REAL deal.!!!!!

It's like 400% loss on investment.!! in just 4 months.  For me it's 200% loss as I bought it for $80!!. If I have buy it now I will not buy this at all. It's piece of ......!!!

I am not sure that at $37  is also a good value for this cover!!

But's it's buyer choice to pay even after my blog post so now I am more curious whether they got my information or something else.!!

Not sure why "e***p" (speedbird1*) started bidding since auction start and last seconds bidding by  "t***8 (2098)", "s***v  (581)" and "t***6 (176)".

Also not sure whether my previous blog helps this bidders or not.

Do you think this 1948 FDC or cover is for investment.?

Ketankumar Patel.
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Ketankumar Patel.
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