Monday, October 10, 2011

New York Mahatma Gandhi Statue 25th Anniversary cover.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

On October 2nd 2011, it was 25th Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi Statue in New York. Mahatma Gandhi statue was presented to The City of New York and Citizens of USA by "Gandhi Memorial International Foundation". It was Dedicated by on October 2, 1986 by Edward Koch (Mayor of the City of New York).

I made total 10 covers to celebrate 25th Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi Statue in New York. Out of 10 some of them were mailed to me and  my friends and some where taken without going through postal stream after requesting supervisor and explaining the purpose of it. 

I take full responsibility of above cover which is mailed to my address.

This cover is made with my concept in Gandhi Philately "Think Different" which has

1) 1961 USA Mahatma Gandhi stamps (4 cents and 8 cents)
2) H series USA stamp (33 cents).
3) Postmark cancelled on October 2nd , 2011 from JAF Post Office in New York. (Biggest Post Office in USA and opens 365 days) and  also automatic postal  stream postmark on all 3 stamps and barcode.
4) Photo of New York, Mahatma Gandhi Statue
5) On cover 25 Anniversary is printed  and  International Day of Non-Violence is also printed.
6) Mahatma Gandhi Circular Label (Apostle of Peace and Non Violence) and his famous quotes "My Life is My Message".
7) United Nations Label of International Day of Non-Violence with Mahatma Gandhi Non Violence quotes.

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Ketankumar Patel.
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