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All United Nations Airbus A380 FFC with Gandhi stamp are questionable.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

On October 2, 2009 United Nations issued stamp of Mahatma Gandhi of $1 to celebrate International Day of Non-Violence.  This stamp is only valid to mail from United Nations office in New York. You cannot use this in local USA post office or any other UN office in USA.

The United Nations is the only organization in the world which is neither a country nor a government, and is permitted to issue postage stamps. Because of arrangements made with postal authorities in the United States, Switzerland and Austria, the United Nations Postal Administration issues stamps in three different denominations. While UN stamps are popular collectors’ items, they can be used for posting only from post offices located at UN offices in New York, Geneva and Vienna.

Read more about United Stamp Usage.(#31)

Recently I am seeing lot of FFC with this Mahatma Gandhi stamps and to me all look bogus. Reason for this assumption or opinion is that it does not make sense at all with all kinds of stuff such as origin of mail, not flown officially through regular mail stream or might be not flown at all.

We need to think and research before we buy any philately item whether this is possible or not. Don't just buy it blindly because it's Gandhi.!!!

Following FFC is from San Francisco to Frankfurt for AirBus 380 with date on May 9, 2011.

After detail research about this cover I still have following concerns about this cover.

1) You cannot use UN Gandhi stamp  from any other USA post office except from United Nations, New York. So how this is mailed from San Francisco, California. If it is mailed from New York to Frankfurt it should go directly to Frankfurt not San Francisco.

2) Also if it is mailed from United Nations New York office on May 9th, 2011 it will take 3-6 days to reach San Francisco and after that it cannot be send to Germany.!! Where as First flight was on May 9th and reached Germany on May 11th.

3) Also you don't see any barcode from regular postal stream so not sure whether it was flown through regular postal stream or not at all.

4) Again USPS cancellation is not per standard and also it is not on stamp at all.!!

So after detail thinking about all this concerns I think UNO FFC are all bogus. This is my personal opinion. You can do more research on UNO FFC with Gandhi stamps and compare it yourself with that FFC and you will find something strange.  Please write a comment on this blog if you find one.

If you have more information about how this is flown than let me know. There are lot of FFC with Gandhi UN stamp which are questionable.

BTW: - Let me tell you how UN postal service works. You send them envelope(cover) with UN stamps on it they will cancel the envelope and send it back to you in another  envelope. I tried this and I got it back.!!

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