Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gandhi 1948 stamps, FDC and Used Register Cover. - Why I avoid this.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

India issued first Mahatma Gandhi stamp in 1948 and I think it one of the most valuable  and interesting  collection  in Gandhi Philately.

Initially I was thinking to collect India 1948 Gandhi Philatelic material but I stopped this and try to avoid it if possible to add in my collection. My reason for avoiding is

1) Needs lot of study and research to make sure it is Genuine item as because of  almost 65 years quality of Cancellation Data Stamp (CDS) is not in good condition and also it will require lot of research time to authenicate cancellation.

2) Also it will be very hard to research about Receiving Postmark cancel (Back stamp) on the philatelic material as it is very hard to believe that it is real. (Like Nepal 1948 from Indian Embassy).

3) Even some of the register cover I saw makes me nervous.!!

4) Lot of questions about bidding on this auction which is truly amazing to research.

5) I figured it out that in India 1948 Gandhi philatelic material it requires lot of experience (15+ years) and knowledge to even start collecting 1948 Gandhi philately.

6) Even some times I think about Postmark Cancellation on cover. I cancelled my 55th Congress cover because I cannot decide on it eventhough I only paid under $10.(It's easy to make Rubber stamp of 1948, same way like FAKE special cancellation 1969 Burma, Fiji, Luxembourg or 2009 from Germany.!!)

7) But main think for me it does not Justify the value of Stamps, FDC and other USED covers.!!! (I think Lot of Shill Bidding.!!)

If you are really interested  into 1948 Gandhi Philately  then following are 2 exhibit from Maulik Thakkar (founder of this blog) which will help you what kind of material you needs to collect and what is required to make sure it genuine.

Click on both links or on caption to see this exhibit in detail. I think this is one of the best available in 1948 thematic collection. Start dreaming to make this only if you have more than 50000 US dollars in spare.!!

1) Memorial Issue of Mahatma Gandhi- 15th August 1948 By Maulik Thakkar.

2) Usage of the 1948 Gandhi Memorial issue. By Maulik Thakkar.


But don't jump after looking this and start buying it otherwise you will endup like buying something like Nepal Indian Embassy or some FDC with Pondicherry or Goa postmark cancellation or FDC from TajMahal hotel etc. Before you start it required lot of study and research otherwise you will regret.

Thanks Maulik for sharing this exhibit to everyone. I hope others will follow like Maulik to share his life long dream in Gandhi Philately collections with others so they can learn from it.

(By keeping in closet collection will not grow or it's just selfish enjoyment)


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