Wednesday, October 26, 2011

India 1948 Gandhi Stamps FDC Value - Nepal Indian Embassy cancellation - Why you will quit Gandhi Philately - Part 12

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Happy Diwali to all readers.

Recently I saw that Nepal Indian Embassy 1948 Gandhi FDC sold for $52. I am not sure why buyers really wants this cover and  what kind of research they are doing before bidding on this kind of item. In past I had also written blog post about this Nepal cover.

You can read my previous blog posts about Nepal 1948 FDC/Cover by clicking following link.

This FDC was bought by "rohit98103" from India.  This buyer also sells cover with slogan "Free India" with 1948 Gandhi Stamps. Also he sells 1948 55th Congress CDS cover with Gandhi stamp on it. So this makes me curious why he wants to buy this Nepal Cover and sell similar covers except no address to sender, but I am glad that seller is not typing  on it and telling us that this is mailed to famous philatelist!!!

To me all this 3 covers looks similiar. All 3 don't have any backstamp or receiving stamp cancellation which makes me very nervous. As I mentioned previously that I bought this cover under $10 but I cancel the transaction after doing more research on this.  I am not going to buy it at very low price as it will occupy space in my collection.!!

Now you need to decide what's going on 1948 Gandhi Stamps,  FDC, Used Covers and special cancellation.
If you start collecting this kind of covers even at 20% of above listed price you will quit Gandhi Philately, because it's is worthless item  in collection as it has no proof that it is authentic. If it has some kind of proof from BPA it will make sense.

According to me most of the cheating in Gandhi Philately happens in1948 Gandhi Stamps. So beware of this kind of materials.

Also value of MNH Gandhi stamps is not appreciating in value, so beware.!!

Also price of Gandhi stamps and sheets should not be too much because there is enough for everyone. If you think as investment than negative return is guarntee if you paid high price because Gandhi stamps is very highly inflated and also there are lot of other expense in selling, so BEWARE of this.

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