Friday, April 22, 2011

USA Gandhi stamp with CDS from Panama - Paquebot - 5

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Following is a paquebot cover which has CDS from Panama on USA Gandhi stamp.

Cover is from S.S Metapan (2nd) was manufactured by Newport News Shipbuilding for the United Fruit Co. in May of 1947. This was the second Metapan that was owned by UFC; the original had sunk years earlier when another ship collided into it during a dense fog.

In 1970 transferred to Dutch flag renamed Tanamo and in late 70 it was scrapped 1975).

Stamp:- USA Gandhi 4 cents
Cancel:- 8-8-1962 from Cristobal, Panama
Ship:- S.S.Metapan (2nd) (1947 - 1975)
Ship Type:- 455' Refrigerated Cargo Ship
Ship Owner:- United Fruit Company, USA.


Some important links about ship history

1) United Fruit Company history.
2) Asbesto issue.

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