Friday, April 29, 2011

Mahatma Gandhi, Trinidad & Tobago stamp price is declining or this is the real price.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

On April 13th I wrote about "How to Protect Yourself while buying Mahatma Gandhi stamps".

In that blog post I published my research on How seller tries to fool/FAKE you when selling Mahatma Gandhi stamps that they are from China, South Korea, Isarel and even USA and other countries. In that blog post I wrote about Trinidad & Tobago stamp sold for $12 by South Korea seller and buyer from India.

Today that same stamps sold for $2.!! So previous buyer lost 600% in less than 20 days.!! or something is going on such as shill bidding.!! I know what's going on but now you need to decide.

Does this makes sense or this is the REAL price?

On side note did you notice something weird on above ebay screen shot. It takes 14-23 days from Canada to arrive to USA!!!!!!!!!!!

So don't just buy it blindly. Wait and Watch and when price is right under $1 then buy it and don't have to pay $12.!!

You can buy same stamps for $0.60 (60 cents) on delcampe. Yes for 60 cents only.!!
Click following link to buy it,116945834,var,Trinite-Tobago-1970-268-69-euro;-10-Mahatma-Gandhi,language,E.html

Also seller of this 60 cents T and T Gandhi stamp is Verified on Delcampe and member of Gold club so don't worry about getting cheated. Also 3000+ feedback by seller so go for it if you really wants to buy it. This are the 3 keys points when buying Mahatma Gandhi stamps. 1) # of Feedback 2) Verified Seller 3) Gold Club member.

Ketankumar Patel.

UPDATE : (11/22/11)

On 11/15/11 Trinidad & Tobago stamps were sold for 60cents only.!!

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