Monday, April 25, 2011

USA Gandhi stamps on Rocket Fired with Satellite cover.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently I went to USA Rocket Philatelic exhibition and I found one cover with USA Gandhi stamps. It's interesting to see Gandhi stamps used on different covers.

From 1961-1964, 4 launches of American earth micrometeoroid satellite were done by USA as a part of space program.

First date: 6/30/1961 .
Last date: 11/6/1964 .

Following is some information about Rocket Launch.

Launch Date: 1961 June 30
Launch Site: Wallops Island.
Launch Complex: Wallops Island LA3.
LV Family: Scout.
Launch Vehicle: Scout X-1.
LV Configuration: Scout X-1 ST-5.
FAILURE: Third stage did not ignite, and the vehicle was destroyed..
Summary: Micrometeorite counter satellite (S-55)..

Wallops Island is a 6 square mile (15.5 km²) island off the east coast of Virginia, part of the barrier islands that stretch along the eastern seaboard of the United States of America.

The island is primarily used for NASA's Wallops Flight Facility, although the name also refers to the peninsula area surrounding the island for the purpose of mailing addresses.

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