Saturday, April 9, 2011

Is this Real Panama Gandhi 1971 FDC or One more rubber stamp?

Hello Gandhi collector,

Recently we all saw Gandhi Panama FDC on ebay selling for 525 dollars, though no body bought it !!.

Also I had never seen it selling on ebay in last 2+ years or any reference in Gandhi Philatelic materials.

But after doing more research on Panama FDC I am confused as I can't find any details of this FDC. So this is Real or one more Rubber stamp in Gandhi Philatelic world.!!

If anyone has more info about this FDC then please write a comment on this blog so all Gandhi collector will be aware of this.


BTW: I know most of you know about this but I am writing for future Gandhi collector so they can read & see this information which may be useful to them, otherwise it will be like 1969 Gandhi cancellation.!!

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