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Gandhi 1970 - One Of A Kind - Great Britain - Printed on Gummed Side used on Postcard

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In 1969 more than 45 countries honored Mahatma Gandhi with stamps or special Cancellation or stationary. Great Britain was one of the country who issued Mahatma Gandhi stamp.

Mahatma Gandhi was first Non-British citizen on Great Britain postage stamp.

Recently a rare Great Britain Mahatma Gandhi Gumside printed was seen on used postcard. It seems there is only one sheet of 50 stamps known to exist with printed on Gumside and this is the only known use on a postcard.

But more surprising thing about previous owner of this postcard.

This was send to "Dr. Douglas Latto" who was higly qualified doctor, a life-long vegetarian and widely acclaimed and highly honored Philatelist. He was very famous collector who used to collected very unique and rare philatelic materials(please check some links at the end of this blog post). After his death his collections was sold by some of the famous auction house like Sotheby's.

Postcard with Used Gandhi 1/6 - Printed on Gummed Side

This postcard carries a Gandhi 1/6 stamp which has been printed on the gummed side. Stanley Gibbons 335a. The SG book does not list - 'used' ones but mint new are £900-1500 each.

The message on the reverse reads: This Gandhi stamp is printed on the gummed side - and is one of the damaged copies of the (blank for number) or so I have just bought! Thought you'd be amused to have it - if it arrives safely .....

The stamp has a bottom margin and appears scuffed - You can still feel the 'tackiness' of the gum.

Cancelled in Wimbledon, 9th March, 1970.

Dear collectors enjoy this rare postcard and as usual any comments or concerns are always welcome.

Sharing of Gandhi Philatelic material is taught to me by some famous Gandhi collectors like Raj Rajan, Maulik Thakkar & Nikhil Mundra.

Click to see 50th Anniversary
Special Cancellation

BTW:- Following are some of the links were you can find more info on Dr. Latto. (search for Latto in this articles. Provenance "to come from", means the origin, or the source of something, or the history of the ownership or location of an object)

1) Dr. Latto was previous owner of Penny plate 77 1d reds (SG43)
2) 1856-1862 Great Britain stamps owned by Dr. Latto(search for Latto)
3) One of his lot was sold for 46000 GBP at Sotheby's 1876 WATERMARK LARGE GARTER 8D. ORANGE PLATE 1, S.G.J91A.
4) Lot sold by Sothebys.(click link and then search for "latto")
5) Auction Catalogue - Great Britain - Phillips 22 Oct 1992 - with the Dr Douglas Latto coll of Surface Printed
6)Verified address also. (64 Great Cumberland Place, London was correct address)

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