Sunday, November 13, 2011

Somalia Gandhi Stamps - Is it RARE stamps or widely available. How much is it worth?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently on ebay I see lot of Gandhi Somalia Stamps in block of 4 are selling around $17-30. 

Don't know why such a difference.!!!

Now if you see following screen shot from ebay it is sold by "the_dutch_moulin" from Netherlands and it is bought by ebay id  "brownblackcherry" from India.

Also 3 other lots were sold by same seller and bought by "1975sunil" and "veerumbm" ebay id from India.

You need to put all pieces together to solve the puzzle.

About a year ago a large quantity of Gandhi Somalia stamps (30 Quantity)  were sold by some Italy seller for 4 euros. Following is the screen shot of that purchase which were also bought by "brownblackcherry".!!

What do you think about this pricing.? Is it good ROI in a year for a seller if he sells in current market.!!

So looking to quantity I think there is enough for 30 new collectors when ever it comes in market.!! It might be in a year or might be after 40-50 years but it will come in market same way what we see currently in Nicaragua and Cameroun Overprint Gandhi stamps. Don't need to hurry to fill your gap in your collection. !!

2 years ago I paid $18 just for  3 stamps  (not 12 stamps because this is block of 4) .!! I am loosing money  on this Somalia stamps and I don't want new collectors to loose money like me.!! and that's is all about me writing in this  blog. If I have facility like this blog I will not have paid too much money for this kind of MNH stamps.!!

Want to see my purchase price then click following URL.

By writing this blog post I think I am decreasing value of my own collection, but it's OK if I help someone new collectors to get it for real value instead of highly inflated price of Gandhi stamps and philatelic material.!!!

 So all new Gandhi collectors, do your own  research and make sure about pricing before you buy 1969 Somalia Gandhi Stamps.!!

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Thanks again for reading this blog and I think today someone is going to hit 27000 page view on this blog.

Ketankumar Patel.
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  1. I bought a set at $3.00 a while ago. I would more focus on the stamp itself and then on the pricing.