Friday, November 18, 2011

Gandhi Stamps sheet - sheetlet from Cameroun Gabon Tchad Niger Mauritania Upper-Volta issued in 1968 - 1969. Does it make sense in Gandhi Collection.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently I was researching about Gandhi Stamps from Africa and I was surprised after looking at it.

In 1969, it was Gandhi 100th Birth Anniversary and  it was one of most popular event around the world for Gandhi Philatelist and more than 40+ countries issued stamp of him to honor Mahatma Gandhi.

All 6 sheetlets looks similar and looks like printed at same printing press.!! All of this countries except Tchad issued stamp in 1968.!! Not sure why!!

Also not sure why all this 6 countries did not design differently. My guess is they were following Gandhiji's principles of simplicity.!!!

Again to all new collectors think before you start collecting and see what is the real philatelic. It's not just stamps and sheetlets.!!! If you collect stamp sheetlet like this I think it will not appreciate too much as there are more then enough for all Gandhi Collectors.

 John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy were famous in 1960 because of president and their assasination, but my research indicates that thematic collection of Kennedy's are not popular any more lot of stamps and sheetlets are coming in market. I think same is the case with MLK. It's surprising to see this kind of decline in thematic collection of certain leaders.

I think Gandhi popularity is gaining because economic in India is doing very good since last 10+ years and also lot of NRI who went to foreign countries on H1 Visa are coming back to their childhood hobby so it's in great demand and trying to collect all.!!  But I am not sure how long it will continued and will sustain this kind of popularity of this thematic hobby.!!

Even after this popularity this sheetlet are selling some where between $1-$3 and I think it's a reasonable price after 40+ years.!!

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