Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Congo Gandhi Stamps - Do you think this is example of SCAM in Stamp Collection specially in Gandhi thematic collection?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

There are two countries named with Congo who honored Mahatma Gandhi by issuing his stamp.

1) Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville)
2) Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Republic of the Congo, sometimes known locally as Congo-Brazzaville, is a state in Central Africa.
 The republic is a former French colony. Upon independence in 1960, the former French region of Middle Congo became the Republic of the Congo. The People's Republic of the Congo was a Marxist-Leninist single-party state from 1970 to 1991. Multiparty elections have been held since 1992, although a democratically elected government was ousted in the 1997 Republic of the Congo Civil War. (Read more about Republic of the Congo at Wikipedia)

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a state located in Central Africa. It is the second largest country in Africa by area and the eleventh largest in the world. The Second Congo War, beginning in 1998, devastated the country and is sometimes referred to as the "African world war" because it involved nine African nations and some twenty armed groups. Despite the signing of peace accords in 2003, fighting continues in the east of the country. The war is the world's deadliest conflict since World War II, killing 5.4 million people since 1998.The vast majority died from malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia and malnutrition.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo was formerly, in chronological order, the Congo Free State, Belgian Congo, Congo-LĂ©opoldville, Congo-Kinshasa, and Zaire (Read more about Democratic Republic of the Congo  : Wikipedia)

Congo was 3rd country in world after India and USA to honored Mahatma Gandhi by issuing stamp of him. I think this was real honored to Mahatma Gandhi.

In 1992, they again honored Mahatma Gandhi with MLK, but after that all stamps are questionable.

Now look at the following stamps issued by Congo and you decide whether this is a SCAM or not in Gandhi Philately.?

To me it looks like maximum # of Gandhi stamps came from Congo in last 10 years.!! This is not honored to Mahatma Gandhi but to honored printers/dealers/reseller.!!!

Starting 2001 dealers are taking benefit of internal war by issuing stamps of GANDHI. I think this is nothing but a SCAM in Gandhi Philately.!! It's very sad where people are dying in Congo and this dealers are taking it's benefit. Following are all bogus stamps from Congo so avoid it and don't support this SCAMMER.

All following stamps were issued after 1997.!!









There might be more Gandhi Stamps from Congo which we all might see after couple of years.!!!

Now look at what price Congo stamps sold for even 1967 FDC.

Considering the political situation in Democratic Republic of the Congo since last 15 years, I think stamp dealers are printing without permission of government as there is none like Somalia(since 1991) , Afganistan (till 2002) etc.

Do you think this many Gandhi Stamps from Congo are needed?

Do you think stamps issued after 1998 is/was available in Congo!!? But in future you might see used cover with stamps issued after 1998 from Congo(same way like Cameroun Overprint Used covers).!!

Do you think this is a SCAM in Gandhi Philately.?

Do you think this is all about making money on Gandhi Stamps?

For all above questions I think so.!!!

Ketankumar Patel.


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