Monday, November 21, 2011

Gandhi Stamps Russia - Used register cover to Austria - Very clean cover as if it is not travelled through postal stream!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In October 2011, register cover from Russia to Austria was sold for $123.!! It's surprising that this cover still maintain high quality even after 40+ years and going through postal stream.!! Also not sure whether it has receiving postmark CDS from Austria?

Register cover looks good. It has 2 Gandhi stamps which is not easy to find.

It's amazing to see high pricing for used covers from USSR (Russia), Cameroun and Somalia.

Seller : divlji (Croatia)

What I have noticed in my 3 years of collecting is that there is expensive(inflated) Gandhi stamps and philatelic material being sold from Croatia and Canada!! (Example: From Croatia I saw a Croatia Gandhi Special cancellation post card that was sold for $55!! I also saw an FDC of Niger, Senegal sold from Canada.!!)

Another thing I notice that buyers are from different countries (such as UK, India etc) but they are getting delivery in Canada.!! I always do more research before I bid on it and  when I see something from Canada and Croatia, I eventually  avoid bidding it except ebay id "rlingen"

Do I have to write anything else to readers of this blog.!!

Click to see 50th Anniversary
Special Cancellation

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