Friday, December 2, 2011

Palestine Gandhi Stamps : It's a Gandhi Stamp Forgery !! Do you think this is one the reason why people are loosing interest in stamp collection?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Since I started Gandhi Collection I was curious about Gandhi Stamp from Palestine.

According to the website  Palestine Gandhi stamps are forgery. Following is screen shot of his page. You can read more in detail by clicking above link, where not only you will find about Gandhi FAKE stamps but also other  FAKE thematic stamps.

From above reference this sheet was unsold and seller was "brownblackcherry". Also price was $24.99 very high for this FAKE items.!! This are still available on ebay India site.!!

So after reading this article and further research that printers print stamps from countries where there is no proper authority to monitor and take action against this kind of activities. Also printers and dealers focus on countries where there is Civil War going on, Some political issue or poverty, where that countries are business in their own important issue, so this countries don't care about this FAKE stamps and printers and stamps dealers make fortune from this.!!

I think lot of Gandhi stamps/sheets from African countries(Rwanda, Somalia, Congo, Cameroon (ovpt), Sierra Leone, Liberia etc) comes in this category so we need to review before we add in our collection.

This is one of the reason why people are loosing interest in stamp collections.!!


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