Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mauritius Gandhi Stamps Sheet : Looks like prime time is ending in Gandhi stamp Collection !! Is Gandhi Stamps still for Investment.?

By Ketankumar Patel.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

To me it looks like prime time of Gandhi Stamps collection is gone.!!! Gandhi stamps is not any more premium then other thematic collection such as Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Churchill, John Kennedy etc.

Look at the following 1969 stamps sheet from Mauritius with 6 Gandhi Stamps on it. It is selling under $1. Yes it is selling under $1 from CANADA.

This is second Mauritius Gandhi stamp sheet from ebay seller "wwfc" from CANADA is sold under $1.

Looks like charm for CANADA ebay seller is gone or charm of Gandhi Stamps is gone.!!!

Currently there are 2 Gandhi  FDC are for sale from CANADA by ebay id "gdstamps" at Fixed Price and it is also not selling. I had never seen Gandhi FDC selling at fixed price by this seller from Canada.It was always in auction and was able to sell at high price but it looks like they want to get rid of Gandhi collection before more decline in Gandhi Stamp value.

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Another example of Mauritius Used cover from another Canada ebay seller "gorfa". Following register used cover is not selling since last 2-3 auctions. In past this seller had sold one of the expensive used covers from Cameroun but I think he is not able to sell anymore Mauritius used cover. In past auction was starting at minimum price but now the price is starting at very high level.!!

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Even though this Gandhi stamp sheet is one of the best  and issued officially in 1969, it's not appreciating at all if you compare with some worthless stamp sheet issued in last 10 years from countries like Nevis, Congo, Guinea, St. Vincent, Tuvala etc.

So do you think that Prime Time is over for Gandhi stamps.?

Do you think Gandhi stamp is still for Investment ?

Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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