Friday, December 2, 2011

Gandhi Stamps Bloc feuillet value : Haute-Volta Gandhi and Albert John Stamp, Senegal Gandhi Stamp, Tchad Gandhi and MLK and Kennedy stamp, Niger Gandhi, MLK and John Kennedy Stamp, Mauritania Gandhi and Martin Luther King stamp : Stamp price is declining.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In 1969 to celebrate Gandhi 100th Birth Anniversary lot of countries issued stamp. Some countries only issued single stamp where as other smaller countries issued multiple stamp in a sheet with other famous leader during that time. 

I think African countries like Niger, Tchad, Senegal and other issued sheet just to make it more expensive because they want to  get more money by making different thematic collectors( Gandhi, MLK and Kennedy collectors)  to fight for that sheets.!!

But I was surprised when I saw value of this stamp sheet sold on various auction internet auction sites. It's barely selling  between $2-3.!!!

I still think this is expensive because dealers are protecting their collection value by bidding on this item. Otherwise I don't think there are many buyer for this kind of sheets.!!

World wide stamp collection is decreasing because lost of interest in this hobby so beware of pricing before you buy it.

After 40+ years if this Gandhi sheets with Martin Luther King and John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy is selling at such a low value. So I think Gandhi stamp hobby is on downward path.

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