Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FAKE 1948 India Mahatma Gandhi FDC with 10 Rupees stamp are selling like hot cake.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

By now you all knows what's going in Gandhi's collection. You have seen lot of FAKE material selling on auctions sites.

Following are some of the FAKE items we are aware off.

1) Fake Pictorial Postmark Cancel To make collection unique or money.!!
2) Fake Postcards Just to make little money.!!
3) Fake seller (pretending from different country or trying to outbid .!!)
4) FAKE Error Stamp (to make money!!)
5) ??????

But recently I saw FAKE (Facsimiles) Mahatma Gandhi's 1948 FDC with 10 Rupees stamps which are even fetching high prices. Seller is selling as FAKE cover and it still getting good money from it.

It's interesting to study this kind of FAKE covers and start thinking what else is possible in today's world.!!

Seller is mentioning about this FAKE cover while selling!! Following is what he/she is telling to buyer.

"I am selling off my entire collection of fakes, forgeries and facsimiles. You are bidding on the facsimile (fake cover) shown below. The stamps on the cover are fully perforated allowing for a three-dimensional appearance. As per ebay guidelines the back is indelibly marked and is also shown below. "

Following are some of the covers.

So now please go and look your collection that you don't have this kind of FDC's or Stamps.!! and if you buy 1948 Gandhi stamp than please open it as soon as you get it and then make sure it is not FAKE because it is very hard to make a difference. Seller did excellent job in making this. At first look I was also misguided.!!

I bought 1 set of stamps for $5 to see how it looks and I am amazed.!!! Now I think sky is the limit for FAKE creators.!!

Here everything is FAKE including cover, stamp and cancellation.!! Only thing real is seller Truth's about the cover while selling, same way like one of the Gandhiji's Principle "TRUTH".

Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. I am looking for acquiring a set of these postage stamps for my collection. I nearly bought one online but after going through various websites educating about fakes I am skeptic about these stamps' genuineness. Is there any way out or anyone who is selling the real stuff?

  2. Neeraj,

    There is lot of real stuff available but you need to find right seller. I know it is very hard to find one.!!

    I am not aware of anyone who is selling real stuff.

    Ketankumar Patel.