Monday, March 7, 2011

Mahatma Gandhi exhibits at Indipex 2011.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Congratulations to all 5 exhibitors of Mahatma Gandhi at Indipex 2011 exhibition in New Delhi, India.

Following are the names of the exhibitor and their exhibit topic.

Rajesh Bhura--------------->Mahatma Gandhi 'The Man of the Millennium'
Surendra Goel-------------->World Mahatma Gandhi
Anil Kumar Reddy--------->Mahatma Gandhi
Pradip Jain------------------>Mahatma Gandhi (Traditional)
Kishore Jhunjhunwalla---->Mahatma Gandhi - The Man of The Millenium

If you have web link of your exhibit than please share with us so all Gandhi Collectors around the world can see your hard work like Maulik Thakkar & R.V.Rajan online exhibit display.

You can see Maulik's & Rajan's exhibit by clicking following URL.

Maulik's 1948 Gandhi Exhibit

Mr. Rajan's Exhibit You will find multiple exhibit here so please look at all. Best Gandhi Philately website.!!

If you have any more information about Gandhi Exhibit at Indipex 2011 then please let us know so we can update this blog post. Also correct me if any information is incorrect.

Again Thanks to all 5 exhibitors of Mahatma Gandhi at Indipex 2011.


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