Sunday, February 6, 2011

USSR Gandhi 1969 FDC - Russia Gandhi FDC

Hello Gandhi collectors,

Recently I was researching about Gandhi FDC from Russia. To me it looks like this is not offical FDC from USSR postal service.

Reason for my assumption is

1) It is a regular rubber stamp instead of fancy pictorial cancel.
2) Also FDC cover is also very simple compare to the theme of the stamp.

Look at other 1968, 1969, 1970 FDC and you can see the difference. Following are some of the example of 1968/69/70. I also search for USSR FDC for 1982,1984 and it looks like it all has fancy cancel with appropriate theme or logo on it.

After looking to all this FDC it is private FDC or ?

If anyone of you have more information than please comment on this blog so we all can know more about this FDC.

Click to see 50th Anniversary
Special Cancellation

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