Saturday, May 22, 2010

Panama Gandhi cover with 3 stamps. ( One of the Most Expensive Gandhi Used cover).

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Today auction of 1972 Panama Gandhi stamps cover with 3 Gandhi stamps was sold for 521.85 US dollars.!!!

 Previously I saw 1 or 2 Gandhi Panama Stamp cover which were sold somewhere around $80-100 but this was unique. This cover was send to Germany where as all previous cover were either send to Mexico or Guatemala.

On ebay or delcampe Panama Gandhi stamp MNH is sold somewhere between 50-70 US dollars so this cover has higher ROI.

Already Maulik has mentioned about this Panama cover with Gandhi stamps in his blog post " 1971 - Panama's Gandhi Stamp, a Surprising Philatelic Rarity"

As per this postage to USA was 13 cents. So this cover has 30 Cents postage.!! Not sure what was postal rates for Germany, but I don't think it will be 17 cents difference.!! Also not sure how can we verify it is Genuine.!! because it's easy to make this BLUE Rubber stamp on some cover.!!

This will be one of the most expensive used cover I had seen in last 18 months other than 1948 Gandhi stamp with 10 Rupees stamps from India.

Previous one was Cameroun cover sold for 450+ US dollars.

Following is the screen shot of the bidders, which indicates last 3 bidders are  mcphila, speedbird1* and coolblue1955.

Looks like there was a great interest in buying this cover as 3 bidders were bidding 500+ US dollars.!!

This blog post is only for future reference for new collectors to know what other collectors are collecting other than MNH Gandhi Stamps & FDC or FFC, so there is no research or other information about cover or stamp (no brainer).

And one more thing that I will never buy this Panama Gandhi stamp cover along with 10 Rupees Gandhi stamp cover because it does not make sense. This is my passive resistance!!

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Again thanks for reading this blog post and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. This went for a very cheap price as compared to the First Day Cover which has doubtful origins.

    This is extremely rare and difficult to obtain - 3trip of three used that too on a cover. I regret letting it go at this price.