Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gandhi Signature Special Cover

Hello Gandhi collectors,

Starting a series of posts on Gandhi Special covers that shed light on certain facets of the Mahatma and those that commemorate important events in his life.

This post features a Special Cover released in Porbandar, Gandhiji's birthplace. Though the cover is supposed to have been released on 23rd March 1996, the postmark is dated 26th February 1996. The image is shown below:

The cover has been affixed with the most common definitive Gandhi stamp (Re.1), which, to many of my non-philatelic friends, is the only Gandhi stamp to have been issued !

The cancellation features the home where Gandhi was born, and the authorities have made a nice effort to bring out the details.

The cover's catchet/artwork has Gandhiji's signature in 10 different languages. Gandhiji's ability to grasp languages was phenomenal, and I believe this was one of the reasons he was able to connect to a wide audience.

Apart from this, Gandhi was also ambidextrous (i.e.) he could write with both his hands. This was proof that he could use both his creative (right) and logical (left) brains with equal ease...

Nikhil Mundra

9th May 2010


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